A Differnt Shadow (1)

A Different Shadow is the first episode of The Starlight Girls


Moona and Howlster want to know why Shadow keeps going to the bathroom mirror alone while Luna-Tic plans to destroy Townsville.


Moona: So... Howlster...

Howlster: What Moona?

Moona: Do you like wolves?

Howlster: (stares at Moona for 10 seconds straight and countenuies drawing anime wolf)

Moona: Hey Shadow, What are you gonna do?

Shadow: I... I need to go to the bathroom (runs to bathroom)

  • In bathroom

Shadow: (sighs and pulls back bangs and empty eye socket is shown) Shadow... Over these years... It has grown bad... (hears knock and quickly puts bangs back over eye) Come in!

Howlster: Why are you spending rest of fun time in the bathroom?

Shadow: Im coming now howlster! (runs to the girls)

  • In Bedroom

Shadow: Good night girls!

Moona: Good Night

Howlster: Good Night!

  • Next Morning

Shadow: I gotta go to the bathroom be right back!

  • In Luna-tic's hide out

Luna-tic: Ha ha ha! Time to destroy townsville! (summons toy tower) Soon as i destroy the mayor (flicks toy baby off tower) BAM! I RULE TOWNSVILLE!

  • Back at house

Moona: Shadow, Why do you spend so much time in here? (alarm goes off)



Shadow: Yes!

Howlster: WOOO HOOOOO (flie out door screaming)

  • By the mayor's tower

Mayor: Hi there!

Luna-tic: SHUT YOUR MOUTH! (grabs Mayor by pants)

Mayor: HELP ME! thank goodness! ITS THE STARLIGHT GIRLS!

Shadow: Grr! (uses Starbeam on Luna-tic)

Luna-tic: OWW MY ARM!

Moona: My turn! (uses moonbeam on Luna-tic's eye)

Luna-tic: HELP I CANT SEE!

Howlster: IM FINISHING THIS! (bites Luna-tic's leg real hard and throws her in air)

Shadow: Great job girls! (the 3 hug eachother)

Moona: Yeah!

Shadow: (sighs) Guys... why i spend so much time in the bathroom is this! (sighs and shows them empty eye socket) Before you guys were born, I had an accedeint. I was eating a lolipop then i slipped and it took my eye out BAM! just like that!

Howlster: Why did you hide this from us?

Shadow: I guess i was scared you guys would laugh at me!

Moona: (Hugs shadow) Its ok shadow! We are your sisters!

Howlster: (joins hug) Moona is right! You dont have to hide this stuff from us!

Shadow: Ok! I will wear my hair this from now-

Howlster: (covers empty eye socket with her bangs) No no no!

Shadow: OK!

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