A Puff of Responsibility Z is a 2018 Spider-Man/Powerpuff Girls anime crossover created by Max Carroll. A remake of A Puff of Responsibility, the series is a sequel to Demashitaa! Powerpuff Girls Z, being set one year after the events of the series. The story follows Peter Parker, a 15-year old intellectual from America, as he moves to the Japanese city of New Townsville, where, after being bitten by a genetically-modified spider whilst on a field trip, becomes the masked super hero known as Spider-Man. The series is mainly inspired by the Stan Lee/Steve Ditko run of The Amazing Spider-Man, with some elements being taken from Ultimate Spider-Man, The Spectacular Spider-Man animated series, and the Spider-Man movie trilogy.

Characters Edit

Central Character(s) Edit

  • Spider-Man/Peter Parker-A 15-year old transfer student from Queens, New York, Peter is socially inept, intellectual, and smart, but has several issues when talking to girls. He makes friends with Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup, the former Powerpuff Girls, New Townsville's resident defenders, particularly Blossom because of her sweet nature, and takes a liking to Professor Utonium's son, Ken. However, when the group are on a field trip to Professor Utonium's laboratory in order to demonstrate a more controlled version of the Z Rays, Peter is bitten by a genetically-modified spider mutated by the Black Z Rays, causing him to zonk out. When Peter comes to, he discovers that he has gained spider-like abilities. He tries to cash in on them by entering into a wrestling contest in which he beats Buttercup's father, the Masked Wonder, with ease. He then goes on to star in a talent TV show, but when he is refused pay one evening by his emplyer, he lets an escaping thief go in retaliation. However, when Peter returns home, he witnesses that his Uncle Ben had been shot by a burglar. Seeking revenge, Peter then chases the killer down to a warehouse, only to witness that it was the thief that he had let escape before. Peter then vows to use his powers responsibly from now on and becomes the Spectacular Spider-Man, battling a succession of villains both new and old all across the city.

Powerpuff Girls Edit

  • Blossom/Momoko Akatsutsumi-The self proclaimed leader of the Powerpuff Girls. Like the anime, she is boy crazy, especially towards Peter Parker, and has a sweet tooth. After the 11th episode, she becomes Peter's girlfriend. At the end of Season 2, she dies after her encounter with Venom. However, in Season 3, she is resurrected by the Jackal's cloning experiments. When in her civilian clothes, she dresses in a dark grey sweater with small white, pink and red hearts on the front, a frilly fuchsia and magenta skirt and dark brown shoes. Her weapon is her Yo-yo. At the beginning of the series, Momoko, like Miyako and Karou, doesn't have her powers. However, like the other girls, she regains them after an encounter with Otto Octavius, the criminal scientist Doctor Octopus, and his Six.
  • Bubbles/Miyako Gōtokuji-A fashionista and a sweetheart who is always receiving love letters in school. When in her civilian clothes, she dresses the same as in the first 20 episodes of the anime, with a white long sleeved blouse, a blue skirt, white socks, black mary janes and a blue tie. Her weapon is a bubble wand. At the beginning of the series, Miyako, like Momoko and Karou, doesn't have her powers. However, like the other girls, she regains them after an encounter with Otto Octavius, the criminal scientist Doctor Octopus, and his Six.
  • Buttercup/Kaoru Matsubara-The toughest member of the Powerpuff Girls. She is a major sports fanatic and hates girly stuff, including having to wear a skirt. When in her civilian clothes, she wears a black long sleeved turtleneck under a green t-shirt, blue jeans and a pair of white & green sneakers. Her weapon is her hammer. At the beginning of the series, Karou, like Momoko and Miyako, doesn't have her powers. However, like the other girls, she regains them after an encounter with Otto Octavius, the criminal scientist Doctor Octopus, and his Six.

Other Protagonists Edit

  • The Lizard/Professor Utonium-A scientist employed by the mayor. A kind father to his son and father figure to the girls and Peter. Unfortunately, the Professor would be the direct result of some of Spider-Man's enemies and shortcomings. He was the creator of the genetically-modified spider which bit Peter Parker, turning him into Spider-Man. He later transformed himself into the savage Lizard after ingesting an experimental regenerative formula composed of reptilian DNA fused with White Z Rays. On another, more tragic, occasion, he ran tests on a sample of Spider-Man's DNA, accidentally creating the symbiote, which would go on to bond with not only Spider-Man himself, but the disgruntled student Eddie Brock as well, eventually transforming him into the monstrous Venom.
  • Ken Utonium-The Professor's son. The Powerpuff Girls act like older sisters towards Ken while Peter acts like an older brother towards him.
  • Poochie-Ken's talking robotic pet dog who can summon the girls and the boys and trigger their transformations. He can sniff out Chemical Z activity, but the scent can be masked. At the beginning of the series, Poochie doesn't have his ability to speak or sniff out Z Rays. However, an accident involving Otto Octavius, the criminal scientist Doctor Octopus, and his Six resulted in the return of the Powerpuff Girls and Poochie getting his voice and abilities back.
  • Aunt May-Peter’s kind, loving, and supportive aunt. She eventually dies during Season 3 because of blood poisoning.
  • The Mayor of New Townsville-The dim witted mayor of New Townsville.
  • Miss Bellum-The attractive assistant to the mayor who does most of his work.
  • Miss Keane-The kind and patient teacher to the girls and Peter.
  • Kuriko-Momoko's hyperactive little sister. She is addicted to superheroes, particularly Spider-Man after he had saved her from the Goblin. She is a fan of the Powerpuff Girls and she likes Bubbles and Buttercup's Powerpuff forms, but not Blossom's. She constantly annoys Momoko. It is implied that she has a slight interest in Ken.
  • Ichiro Shiragawa-Karou's eventual boyfriend and a rival-turned-friend of Peter's, Ichiro was once the school's local bully, often picking on kids for lunch money and other goods. This changed after the murder of Ben Parker, which caused him to sympathise with Peter. He later admitted his crush on Karou and the 2 have been dating since.
  • Dexter Bennett-The vicious and grouchy publisher of the Japanese newspaper The Daily Byte. He is Peter Parker's boss and is obsessed with Spider-Man, prompting him to hire Peter to get pictures of the vigilante breaking the law. He constantly yells at his employees and smokes a pipe. Nevertheless, he pays Peter well for his freelance work and even lends a helping hand to the teenager in times of distress.

Villains Edit

  • The Goblin/Norman Shiragane-Although there are many levels of evil a villain can descend to, very few come close to even rivaling the evil of Norman Shiragane, the original Goblin. The primary antagonist of the entire series, as well as the adopted brother of Himeko and Miko Shiragane, Norman was born with a condition which made him mentally unstable. As a teenager, he became full blown vicious, even going so far as to believe that Himeko and Peter had a relationship, which drove him crazy. He eventually began a strong dislike for Parker. However, while on a quest for more power, Norman uncovered a small patch of Black Z-Rays covered by a rock. But upon removing the boulder, Norman was struck by a Black Z-Ray then transformed into a hideous, humanoid goblin-creature, and, after being completely driven over the edge, began to terrorize New Townsville as the psychotic Goblin, eventually landing him into conflict with Spider-Man as the fledgling super-hero's first villain. After his defeat at the hands of Spider-Man in their first confrontation, the Goblin would move on to trying to wrestle control from Wilson Fisk and become the Japanese Kingpin of Crime. It was Norman’s arrogance that would eventually lead to his death during a final confrontation with Spider-Man in the middle of Season 2. The "Goblin" name would eventually become a gimmick for his two adopted sisters Miko (who would later become the Hobgoblin) and Himeko (who later became the second Goblin).
  • Doctor Octopus/Otto Octavius-An award-winning scientist with a PHd in nuclear physics, Otto Octavius eventually became schizophrenic as a result of exposure to the chemicals he worked around. He escaped the psychiatric ward he had been admitted to and became the super-villain known as Doctor Octopus, eventually falling into conflict with Spider-Man. It was because of Spider-Man that Octavius formed the Six coalition, consisting of several super-villains previously defeated by Spider-Man, in order to squash the web-slinger. However, after kidnapping Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup, as well as an accident involving Chemical Z, the girls were re-energized and transformed back into the Powerpuff Girls. Doctor Octopus is the Season 1 finale antagonist.
  • Venom/Eddie Brock-Peter’s childhood friend, Eddie Brock attends the same school that Peter and the girls do. He strived to become a journalist. However, when Brock was fired from his part-time job of freelancer after being debunked by Spider-Man, he developed a seething hatred for the hero and set out to exploit him. When Spider-Man rid himself of the symbiote (a creature accidentally created by Professor Utonium from Spidey's own DNA) after learning that it was trying to corrupt him, it found and bonded to Brock. The symbiote then revealed that Peter Parker and Spider-Man weren’t pals; Peter Parker was Spider-Man. The two then completely bonded and became the poison to both Peter Parker and Spider-Man, for their Venom that would eat them from the inside out. On a side note, Venom is the only villain that Buttercup is visibly afraid of, as she was the first of Peter's friends to be attacked by the villain in her bedroom. Venom is the Season 2 finale antagonist.
  • Electro-An electric eel that was hit by a stray Black Z Ray. Electro is man-sized, has arms and legs, and even speaks. He believed that he was destined for greater things and went on a crime spree, eventually falling into conflict with Spider-Man. It should also be noted that this version of Electro wears a costume almost identical to his comic book counterpart.
  • The Vulture/Adrian Toomes-A former partner of Professor Utonium, electrical engineer Adrian Toomes was squandered out of a business deal by the Professor by accident. Believing it to be a form of retaliation, Toomes would eventually kidnap the Professor in broad daylight, eventually coming into battle with Spider-Man.
  • The Kingpin/Wilson Fisk-The billionaire philanthropist by day, world-infamous Kingpin of Crime by night, Wilson Fisk was once the employer of the man who murdered Ben Parker in New Townsville. While not conducting business as usual in his home base in New York City, Peter Parker's hometown, Fisk frequently visits the other worldwide divisions of his company and criminal empire. It was at the Japanese division of his company where he encountered the first major threat to his criminal empire; Spider-Man. Later, Fisk would encounter the super-villain Goblin, who was trying to wrestle control from Wilson in order to become the Japanese Kingpin of Crime.
  • The Sandman/Flint Marko-A criminal who evaded authorities by hiding on a beach. However, by doing do, he was hit by a lone Black Z Ray, which caused his body to merge with the sand under his feet. Able to control any amount of sand within his reach, Marko became the Sandman, and first fell into conflict with Spider-Man after robbing a jewelry store.
  • The Rhino-A rhinoceros who was hit by a Black Z Ray, the Rhino is one of Spider-Man's most physically challenging opponents. During his fight with Spider-Man, the Rhino managed to throw the web-slinger into the same wrestling ring where he fought the Masked Wonder, prompting an unlikely team-up between Spider-Man and his old wrestling rival to take down the 11-foot, sentient rhino.
  • Sergei Kravinoff/Kraven the Hunter-
  • Mysterio-An ancient monk who specialized in the use of magic, Mysterio once fought the Spider and the Goodenough Girls in ancient Japan and placed into a slumber. Mysterio was reawakened in modern day Japan by a Black Z Ray. After attempting to rob a museum, he was stopped by Spider-Man and the Powerpuff Girl Bubbles, causing Mysterio to swear revenge on them both. Unlike his comic book counterpart, this version of Mysterio uses real magic as opposed to mere illusions.
  • The Jackal/Miles Warren-

Other Villains Edit

  • Mojo Jojo-A most recurring villain, he was an ordinary zoo monkey who was hit with Black Z Rays. He constantly builds robots to help take over the world, but is always thwarted by the Powerpuff Girls and Spider-Man.
  • Fuzzy Lumpkins-A territorial creature living in the woods. He is obsessed with his property and claims things that aren't his as his own. He has a huge crush on Miss Bellum. He is shown to be nice to anyone who shows him praise.
  • Goblin II/Himeko Shiragane-The girls' bratty school mate who is obsessed with getting attention. A recurring gag is that she has a crush on Peter and is always flirting with him, in spite it being clear that he doesn't return the feelings. After her sister, Miko, was arrested as the Hobgoblin after fighting Spider-Man, the ghost of her adopted brother Norman, the deceased super-villain known as the Goblin, came back to haunt her. She then discovered the scroll which had previously transformed Norman, and became the next person to don the mantle of the Goblin, and would eventually become the hidden mastermind behind the "Spider-Clone Saga", manipulating the Jackal into believing that Spider-Man was a criminal. She would eventually die during her final battle with Spider-Man in the series finale due to heart failure.
  • The Gangreen Gang-A street gang who love causing trouble. They are recurring enemies of Spider-Man.
    • Ace-The leader with the ability to throw cards.
    • Ivy-The second in command with a crush on Ace who has the ability to put people to sleep by giving them massages.
    • Lil' Arturo-The smallest member with super speed.
    • Grubber-The dim witted member with shape shifting abilities. His ability is easy to see through as he keeps his skin colour.
    • Big Billy-The overweight muscle of the gang with super strength.
  • The Amoeba Boys-A trio of small time criminals.
    • Silk Hat-The leader of the group.
    • Poncho-The second in command of the group.
    • Violet-The female member of the group.
  • The Chameleon-A gun-for-hire of unknown origin who can alter his appearance with masks and makeup, the Chameleon first fought Spider-Man on board a shuttle that was about to crash land. He was later be injected with some of Sedusa's DNA, causing his shape-changing abilities to become further enhanced.
  • The Hobgoblin/Miko Shirogane-Himeko's older sister. She is loving towards her sister and helps her out when the girls keep taking attention away from Himeko. She uses her old suit to outshine the girls once more. When she learned that her adopted brother, Norman, died battling Spider-Man as the Goblin, she went insane and transformed into the Hobgoblin after reading off the same mystical scroll Norman once found, growing a seething hatred for the wall-crawler.
  • The Enforcers/Rowdyruff Boys-The male counterparts of the Powerpuff Girls originally created by Mojo Jojo who soon found themselves in the employ of Wilson Fisk, the American Kingpin of Crime. They were among the first super-villains faced by the fledgling Spider-Man.
    • Shocker/Brick-Blossom's male counterpart. The self proclaimed leader of the Enforcers. He is the direct answer to the Kingpin in the series. He is seen in a yellow and orange outfit and is equipped with two gauntlets which allow him to create destructive blasts from highly compressed air.
    • Ricochet/Boomer-Bubbles' male counterpart. He's the sensitive guy of the trio. He is seen wearing his blue and purple Ricochet armor, which allows him to bounce off of walls and increases his speed.
    • Ox/Butch-Buttercup's male counterpart. The tough guy of the trio. He is seen in his green and black Ox armor, which greatly increases his size and strength.

Other Characters Edit

  • Man-Wolf/Takaaki Ayagai-Miyako' old friend from when she was younger and her boyfriend, as well as Peter's best friend. After being hit by the Black Z rays, Takaaki was transformed into a massive, werewolf-like monster who would later on become known as the Man-Wolf. Initially doing battle with the Powerpuff Girls during their first stint, Man-Wolf would ultimately fall into direct conflict with Spider-Man after attacking his high school, searching for Miyako, and would go from a tragic enemy to an uneasy ally.
  • Blood Spider/Kaine Parker-A clone of Peter Parker created by the Jackal, Kaine was initially a deadly opponent of Spider-Man and the Powerpuff Girls, but soon became an uneasy ally to them.
  • The Goodenough Girls Z-The Ancestors of the Powerpuff Girls.
    • Bloom-Blossom's Ancestor and the leader of the Goodenough Girls. Her weapon is a coin with a ribbon.
    • Burst-Bubbles' Ancestor. Her weapon is a giant war fan.
    • Butterscotch-Buttercup's Ancestor. Her weapon of choice is a giant mallet.
  • Professor Pithium-The original creator of Chemical X who created the Goodenough Girls.
  • Ezekiel Sims/The Spider-Spider-Man's ancestor from around the same time as the Goodenough Girls. He once fought Mysterio alongside the Goodenough Girls and defeated him, causing the magician to slumber for centuries before awakening in modern day Japan, where he would fight against the Powerpuff Girls and the modern day Spider-Man.
  • King Shiragane-Himeko and Miko's father.
  • Queen Shiragane-Himeko and Miko's mother.
  • The Mayor's Brother-The Principal of the school the girls attend.
  • Miyako's Grandmother-Miyako's grandmother who she lives with. She eventually becomes good friends with Peter's Aunt May.
  • Jason-A young man who is a regular at Annie's (Sedusa) restaurant. She has a crush on him and it's implied that he returns the feelings.
  • Gwen Stacy-Peter's childhood friend from New York. She has a crush on Peter and, subsequently enough, Spider-Man. When she comes to New Townsville to visit Peter, she instantly dislikes Blossom due to their rivaling affections for Peter. She was kidnapped and murdered by the original Goblin on the night he was killed during his final battle with Spider-Man.
  • Ned Leeds-One of Peter's best friends from New York City. He is only mentioned in the first episode.
  • The Masked Wonder-Buttercup's Masked Wrestler Father who refuses to remove his mask until he retires from Pro Wrestling. He later went on to battle Peter Parker in the ring when the teenager had just gotten his spider-powers, and the Wonder was easily defeated.
  • Dai/Molten Man-Buttercup's older brother, he dreams of following in his father's footsteps and becoming a pro wrestler. He eventually gets addicted to gambling and slowly loses all of his money when he bets on behalf of a small time crime boss. Eventually, Goblin subjects him to an experiment wherein he injects the teenager with pure Chemical Z, which turns him into Molten Man, a being with an impenetrable metal skin with the ability to generate lava from his hands.
  • Shou-Buttercup's younger brother.

Episodes Edit

Season 1: New Kid In Town Edit

# Episode Title Villain(s) Episode Summary
1 Pilot N/A Plotline 1: Spider-Man and Goblin II engage in their final confrontation on a rooftop. (NOTE: this scene takes place in the future, 2 years after the story begins.)

Plotline 2: One year after the defeat of HIM, and the subsequent disappearance of the Powerpuff Girls, 15-year old transfer student Peter Parker and his Aunt May and Uncle Ben move from their home in New York to New Townsville.

(NOTE: Episodes 1 to 6 are an adaptation of Amazing Fantasy #15 and Ultimate Spider-Man #1-6.)

2 The Origin of Power N/A On Peter's first day of school, he befriends Momoko, Miyako, and Karou, the former Powerpuff Girls, before settling in. Meanwhile, the Morbucks family are introduced to Norman, a foster child from America. Peter's class goes on a field trip to Professor Utonium's laboratory in order to demonstrate a more controlled version of Chemical Z. During the trip, however, a genetically-altered spider, mutated by Black Z Rays, escapes confinement and bites Peter, making him dizzy and disoriented. When the teenager arrives home, he collapses in his bedroom.
3 New Powers, New Person N/A Plotline 1: After awakening the following day, Peter discovers that he has gained fantastic spider-like abilities. After defeating a bully near his new home, Peter decides to repay his aunt and uncle for all the kindness they had ever shown him.

Plotline 2: Meanwhile, Norman travels into the mountains in order to attain more power.

4 Claim to Fame N/A Plotline 1: After getting into a wrestling match, Peter ends up winning some money wrestling after defeating Karou's father, the Masked Wonder, in the ring. Afterwards, Peter is offered the chance to appear on a talent television show as "The Spider-Man." Using the opportunity, Peter creates a new costume and performs on live television for the whole planet.

Plotline 2: Norman reads off an ancient scroll which he had found in the woods, causing an explosion at the Morbucks mansion.

5 Responsible One Carjacker After showboating one night, Peter does not get the complete amount of money offered in the paper. In response, Peter allows a thief to escape. However, upon arriving home, Peter discovers his house broken into and Uncle Ben shot and killed. Enraged, Peter chases after the man who did it. But when Peter has the killer backed up against a wall, he is shocked and appalled when he discovers that it is the same man he had let escape before. Upon arriving home from the wrestling match, Peter discovers his house broken into and Uncle Ben shot and killed. Enraged, Peter chases after the man who did it. But when Peter has the killer backed up against a wall, he is shocked and appalled when he sees his face.
6 The Birth of a Hero Bank Robbers Plotline 1: Days after the funeral for Uncle Ben, Peter decides to use his great powers for an even greater responsibility and, with the Powerpuff Girls gone, turns his Spider-Man persona from a television star to a super hero. Peter's first move as a vigilante is to stop an armed robbery in progress.

Plotline 2: Peter tries to find a job in order to support himself and Aunt May. He goes everywhere, including a gaming store, a candy shop, and a pharmacy, before finally landing a job at The Daily Byte, a local newspaper run by the vicious Dexter Bennett, as a photographer. The first assignment; to catch Spider-Man in the act of committing a crime!

7 Enter, the Goblin The Goblin After the explosion at the Morbucks' mansion, Norman is deemed missing. Meanwhile, at school, Peter tries to ask Blossom out on a date. However, this is soon interrupted when Norman returns and attacks the school, now mutated into a grotesque, goblin-like creature riding a glider, and looking for Princess. Now, Spider-Man must confront this new villain before he destroys the entire school... and everyone inside.

(NOTE: This episode is based on Ultimate Spider-Man #7 and the Spider-Man movie.)

8 Late Night Workout Street Thugs After the Goblin's attack on the high school, Peter continues his tenure as Spider-Man, protecting the streets of New Townsville from crime. All the while, in his civilian life, Peter tries to ask Momoko out on a date, which proves to be extremely difficult due to his extracurricular activities as Spider-Man. Meanwhile, Wilson Fisk comes to town, and orders his Enforcers to "squish" Spider-Man.

(NOTE: This episode is based loosely on Ultimate Spider-Man #8.)

9 Meet the Enforcers The Enforcers While out on patrol one evening, Spider-Man is attacked by the Shocker, an individual wielding vibro-shock gauntlets. Eventually, he is ganged up on by Ricochet, a person wearing a suit of armor which allows them to become a human rubber ball, and Ox, a larger person wearing a suit of exo-armor which grants the user super-human strength. After being defeated by the Enforcers, Spider-Man begins to wonder of the identity of the mysterious "Kingpin".

(NOTE: Episodes 9-11 are adaptations of Ultimate Spider-Man #8-13.)

10 A Rank Amateur The Kingpin, the Enforcers After discovering that the Kingpin works closely with American philanthropist Wilson Fisk, Spider-Man swings off to Fisk's Japanese tower located in the middle of the city. However, Fisk is in the middle of a party, so Spidey decides to sneak into his office in order to find some incriminating evidence to hold against both him and the Fat Man of Crime. But what the young hero finds is that Fisk... is the Kingpin! After being defeated by the Enforcers once again and getting his mask ripped off, Peter is thrown out a window with seconds to save himself.
11 Battle Royal The Kingpin, the Enforcers Plotline 1: After being unmasked, humiliated, and thrown out of a high-rise window, Peter becomes hesitant to continue his Spider-Man identity. However, after he remembers that Fisk's office contain security cameras, he dons a makeshift mask in order to gain hold of the tapes. But he then soon comes into conflict with the Kingpin and his men once more. Now, it's a battle royale for Spider-Man to protect his identity and finally bring down the Kingpin once and for all.

Plotline 2: Peter finally builds up the courage to ask Momoko out on a date with him.

12 Attack of the Robots Doctor Octopus, Mojo Jojo Plotline 1: Feeling more spirited than ever, Spider-Man swings across the New Townsville skyline, only to witness veteran super villain Mojo Jojo once again terrorizing the city in his Jojo-Bot. Now, the only thing that stands in his way is Spider-Man, who begins to viciously fight the villain.

Plotline 2: After escaping from a mental institution, the corrupt scientist Otto Octavius constructs a giant robot and goes on a rampage across the city, leading Spider-Man into a bitter confrontation with the man calling himself Doctor Octopus.

(NOTE: This episode is based loosely on The Amazing Spider-Man #3.)

13 The Shock of Electro Electro The night of Peter and Momoko's first date is here, and things couldn't have possibly gotten any worse. At the restaurant they were at, a individual storms into the place demanding money. However, upon being refused, he reveals himself to be Electro, an electric eel that was hit by a Black Z-Ray whilst in the ocean. But when Spider-Man arrives to defeat this new super-villain, he finds that he cannot touch him without suffering a powerful electric shock. Now, Spider-Man must find a way to defeat a villain whose touch is but lethal.

(NOTE: This episode is based on The Amazing Spider-Man #9.)

14 A Jock and a Hardcase The Rhino Plotline 1: A Black Z-Ray comes into contact with rhino at the zoo, transforming it into the unstoppable juggernaut Rhino. Now, it's up to Spider-Man to put an end to the Rhino's senseless rampage, but in order to do that, he'll have to get help from... Kara's father?!

Plotline 2: Peter must find the right gift for Momoko's birthday, but doing that proves easier said than done.

(NOTE: This episode is an adaptation of The Amazing Spider-Man #40-43.)

15 Bird of Prey The Vulture Plotline 1

(NOTE: This episode is loosely based on The Amazing Spider-Man #2.)

16 Emergency Landing The Chameleon (NOTE: This episode is based on The Amazing Spider-Man #1.)
17 Sandstorm The Sandman, the Gangreen Gang (NOTE: This episode is based loosely on The Amazing Spider-Man #4.)
18 The Six, Part 1: Breakout The Six (Doctor Octopus, the Vulture, the Rhino, Electro, the Shocker, the Sandman) (NOTE: Episodes 18-19 are an adaptation of Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1.)
19 The Six, Part 2: Group Therapy The Six (Doctor Octopus, the Vulture, the Rhino, Electro, the Shocker, the Sandman)
20 The Six, Part 3: If This Be My Destiny Doctor Octopus (NOTE: This episode is an adaptation of The Amazing Spider-Man #33.)

Season 2: Darkness Awaits Edit

# Episode Title Villain(s) Episode Summary
1 The Lizard King, Part 1 The Lizard (NOTE: Episodes 1-2 are an adaptation of The Amazing Spider-Man #6.)
2 The Lizard King, Part 2 The Lizard
3 Cody, the Man-Wolf Mojo Jojo (NOTE: This episode is loosely based on The Amazing Spider-Man #124.)
4 Mysterio Mysterio (NOTE: This episode is loosely based on The Amazing Spider-Man #13.)
5 Return of the Goblin The Goblin (NOTE: This episode is an adaptation of The Amazing Spider-Man #17.)
6 Thrill of the Hunt Kraven the Hunter (NOTE: This episode is an adaptation of The Amazing Spider-Man #15.)
7 Party Crasher The Goblin, the Gangreen Gang, the Kingpin (NOTE: This episode is based on The Spectacular Spider-Man episode Catalysts.)
8 Molten Man Molten Man (NOTE: This episode is loosely based on The Amazing Spider-Man #28 and The Spectacular Spider-Man episode Subtext.)
9 Turning Point The Goblin (NOTE: This episode is an adaptation of The Amazing Spider-Man #121.)
10 Last Stand The Goblin (NOTE: This episode is an adaptation of The Amazing Spider-Man #122.)
11 Symbiosis The Lizard (NOTE: This episode is loosely based on Ultimate Spider-Man #34.)
12 The Spider-Slayer Spencer Smythe (NOTE: This episode is based on The Amazing Spider-Man #25.)
13 Green Thumbs The Gangreen Gang
14 Inheritance Miko Shiragane
15 Insomnia, Part 1 The Hobgoblin (NOTE: This episode is an adaptation of The Amazing Spider-Man #238.)
16 Insomnia, Part 2 The Hobgoblin (NOTE: This episode is loosely based on The Amazing Spider-Man #239.)
17 Anger Management The Rhino
18 Down Memory Lane The Symbiote (NOTE: This episode is loosely based on Web of Spider-Man #1.)
19 Collapse Venom (NOTE: This episode is based on The Amazing Spider-Man #300.)
20 Spider-Man No More TBA (NOTE: This episode is based on The Amazing Spider-Man #50.)

Season 3: The Clone Saga Edit

# Episode Title Villain(s) Episode Description
1 Rebirth Doctor Octopus One year after Momoko's death at the hands of Venom, Peter Parker, having given up on his career as Spider-Man, continues to sink further into his depression, his only source of comfort being his friends. However, trouble starts to brew in Tokyo City, as Doctor Octopus rears his ugly head again, seeking revenge on Spider-Man.

(NOTE: This episode is loosely based on the plot of the movie Spider-Man 2.)

2 Plotline 1: Plotline 2: Peter learns that the ISO-8 keeping Aunt May alive has degraded into a toxin and is slowly killing her.
3 Spider-Island, Part 1 The Gangreen Gang After awakening one morning, Karou and Miyako notice something very peculiar about themselves; their regular powers seem to have been replaced with spider-powers! Even more shocking, all of Tokyo City seems to have been granted arachnid-like abilities as well!

(NOTE: Episodes 3-5 are an adaptation of the 2011 storyline Spider-Island, with episode 4 loosely adapting The Amazing Spider-Man #400.)

4 Spider-Island, Part 2 Man-Spiders Plotline 1: With Spider-Mania gripping the city in the wake of everyone getting spider-powers, crime seems to be on the rise as well, as several super-villains have gotten spider-powers of their own as well.

Plotline 2: With the degradation of her blood reaching a critical stage, Aunt May dies in the midst of the outbreak.

5 Spider-Island, Part 3 The Jackal Tokyo City has been quarantined and cut off from the rest of the world. With all his friends, including Bubbles and Buttercup, turned into giant spider-monsters, Spider-Man, still trying to overcome the death of his aunt, is the only one capable of saving the city from being rechristened as "Kingdom of the Spiders". And what's this about a new scientist calling himself "the Jackal"?!
6 Predator and Prey The Scorpion Whilst shopping at a mall, trying to deal with the aftermath of Spider-Island and the death of Aunt May, Peter, Miyako, Karou, Ichiro, and Takaaki are attacked by the Scorpion, a crazed, Black Z-Ray infected individual wearing a green armored suit with a long tail. However, after a brief scuffle with the Scorpion, Spider-Man discovers that the face behind the Scorpion... is Peter Parker!

(NOTE: This episode is an adaptation of Ultimate Spider-Man #97.)

7 Familiar Faces The Jackal, Blood Spider Plotline 1: In the midst of the scientific investigation by the Professor and Ken into the Scorpion, Spider-Man and the Powerpuff Girls are soon met by an individual impersonating the former; Blood Spider. Already on edge after finding out that the Scorpion was his clone, Spider-Man confirms his fears when Blood Spider reveals himself to be a disfigured clone of himself.

Plotline 2: After trying to figure out who could be cloning him, Peter returns to his apartment... only to find a very much alive and well Momoko waiting for him. (NOTE: This episode is an adaptation of Web of Spider-Man #119, with elements being taken from The Amazing Spider-Man #144.)

20 Power and Responsibility The Goblin, Doctor Octopus, Mojo Jojo, Mysterio, The Gangreen Gang, the Amoeba Boys, the Vulture, the Enforcers, Electro, the Sandman, the Chameleon, the Lizard, the Hobgoblin, Blood Spider, Fuzzy Lumpkins, Kraven the Hunter, the Scorpion, and Venom. (flashbacks only) Plotline 1: In the hours following Goblin's death, Peter realizes that the fallout of his activities as Spider-Man has drawn more unwanted attention to Tokyo City than ever. Feeling that he should disappear, Peter breaks off his relationship with Momoko and swings away, vowing to never abandon his responsibilities to the world as the masked vigilante called... Spider-Man!

Plotline 2: A few years later, Peter has moved on and away from Tokyo City, choosing to settle in America once more, specifically his home of New York City. Redesigning his costume, Spider-Man takes to the streets as New York's masked avenger.

Trivia Edit

  • Spider-Man wears 2 different costumes throughout the course of the series. The first is the signature red and blue. It is patterned after the first Sam Raimi movie costume, with inspiration from the first Amazing Spider-Man movie costume and Spider-Man 2099. The second one follows the same pattern, but is modeled after the Marvel Cinematic Universe Spider-Man costume and the All-New, All-Different Marvel version of Spider-Man.
  • The opening titles of the episodes are modeled after the second version of intro to Spider-Man: The Animated Series, except for the pilot episode, which is based on the intro to Spider-Man: The New Animated Series.