The Avian Monster is a monster and the main antagonist of the 2016 episode Volo Monstrum.

Abilities Edit

  • Super Speed: It is so fast that it can dodge all of the girls' power attacks.
  • Huge Strength: It was able to grab Bubbles' dragon projection by the tail and spin it around. It also had no trouble dragging the girls along when they captured it via lasso.

Weaknesses Edit

  • Falling from a great height
  • Mirrors

Biography Edit

When the Powerpuff Girls watched a news report about the monstrosity in the desert, they flew to it's current location and tried attacking the beast with their powers, but the monster is so fast it dodged all of them. Afterwards the Powerpuff Girls decided to set up deadly traps to kill the avian monster, from boulders to explosive decoys to cannons, but all of those failed.

So the girls just use a lasso and captured the speedy creature, causing them to get towed. The creature halted at the edge of a cliff and got bumped by the PPGs, where it almost fell off. It grabbed onto Buttercup's leg for dear life, but fell into the road with the three females when the cliff that Blossom was gripping on crumbled. The Powerpuff Girls survived the fall, for they had superpowers, but the monster died and poofed into an egg form as a result from the force of it's plummet. It later ended up as an exhibit at the Townsville museum, where it was photographed by the girls.

Trivia Edit

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