Beanie is the eighth powerpuff girl.She was created by Bell.She is voiced by Rebecca Shoichet.

Her signature color is gray/black.

She is the second life of Barasia after Barasia's dealth. ( Barasia was defeated by Breanin when stoping her to attack Bell )

Apperience Edit

She has black mango hair with 1 slip of white hair and a silver hairclip. She wears black and gray striped dress, just like the other girls.She also wears mary janes.

Personality Edit

Beanie is cranky, boylish, and smart. She loves books, homeworks, and pianos. She was a bit punk mixed with classical style. Deep inside her hard,cold silver heart, she was really a warm and caring girl who wants peace in earth...

Recipe Edit

A dash of magic, stars, and spells.

Mixed well tills it turns black.

Add 2 spoon of rebelity ,

And 3 cups of royalty.

Also, the remaining skelletons of my dear sister...

Put a drop of Chemical X in.


Aha! Here she is!

- Bell

Trivia Edit

  • her powers is ultra vision beams, ice brealth, and karate chop.Her most special one is healing rays.( it's the same as ultra vision beams, too, but instead of burning things, it heal things)
  • She was based in Brittney Bistkit from LPS.

Images Edit


From left to right: Beanie,Brensha and Butterfly.


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