Beautiful is a sister of the Powerpuff Girls. She was created by the professer ( allong with 2 other girls, called the Bunnypuff Girls), seeing how sad they were when Bunny died.


Bio: Ditsy, pretty, she loves buttercup because of her feistiness. She is very outgoing and is usualy happy. Just because she's usually ditsy, she is capable of being smart. But she is jealous of Blossoms brains, sometimes. Her BFF is Bubbles, because they both love nature.Edit

Alias: The Pretty Cutey

Element: Flowers

Apearance: Hair: pink-blonde Signature Color: yellow

RRB: Bud (element= spider webs)

PPNK: Bone (element= egg shells)

PPGZ: Name= Kiyomi      Weapon= lipstick      Transformation= Glamorous Beautiful 


  • she often tries to get Button to change her color of dress, finding it bland.

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