Epic Bellana is Epic

Full Name : Bellana Utonium (Bell-en-a Yu-toe-ni-um)

Age : 6

Nicknames : Bellana (Bell-AN-a), Bells, Idiot-girl

Friends : Buttercup, Blossom, Belladona, Balletic, Banaustic (her sisters)

Enemies : Bryan, HIM, Mojo Jojo

Rivals : Bryan, Brick

Sisters : Balletic, Banaustic

Creation : A week after Bunny exploded, Blossom felt extremely guilty. So she tried to recreate her in the Proffessor's lab. Their house was going through remodeling at the time. So because of this, and also because of her mental state, she picked up some extra ingrediants and accidentally knocked them into the concoction as well (a gum wrapper, ribbon). And so Bellana and her sisters were born instead. When Blossom realised she'd created an extra group of Puffs, she sorta panicked. She used one of the Proffessor's devices to wipe the memory of thier creation, as well as giving them names. She also told them what their purpose was. Then she set them in a field. They are not aware that Blossom is their creator.

Purpose : Bellana and her sisters have the task of protecting Townsville whenever the Powerpuffs are away. They're not away too often, so they otherwise just live like normal girls.


Bryan - Enemy

Bryan - Kind of a male counterpart, but not really. Was created by HIM to destroy Bellana.

Bellana and Ghost Belladona

Bellana and a friend

Average day of Bellana and Brick

All Brick and Bellana do is argue.

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