Birch is a sister of The Powerpuff Girls. Professer Utoniom created her (allong with 2 other girls called the Bunnypuff Girls), seeing how upset they got when Bunny died. 


'Bio:' Calm, Nature loving. She loves Bubbles, because Bubbles is the sweetest of the the girls. She loves spending time with her sisters, but she's fine with being alone. But, just because she's tranquil most of the time, she can still kick some serious butt. However, she sometimes envies Buttercups Strength. Her BFF is Blossom, due to the fact that they are the leaders of their groups.

 Alias: The Calm Captain

 Element: Everything Cute

 Apearance: Hair Color=Amber. Signature Color: Brown.

 RRB: Brent (element= toenail Clippings)

 PPNKG: Bully (element=garlic)

 PPGZ: Name= Harumi. Weapon=Set Of Cards. Transformation=Wise Birch


  • She almost died once, when possesed by Him.
  • Her special attack is speed kick.

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