(Scene opens on a flashback from The Rowdyruff Boys creation. They are in the jail cell with Mojo. We see an orange girl with them.)

Mojo: And you are... (he points to the girl) Bitsy! That starts with a B, too!

(The boys begin laughing. Bitsy looks at them angrily.)

Bitsy: Shut. Up.

(Cut to a black screen with Six Months Later on it in white.)

(Cut to the RRB walking down a street, passing an alley. We hear chewing from the alley.)

Brick: (He stops) Anyone else hear that?

Boomer: Hear-

Brick: (He punches Boomer) Shut up and listen!

(The chewing gets louder.)

Butch: Yeah.

Brick: Let's go check it out.

(They walk over to the alley. We see Bitsy chewing gum, looking deadly bored.)

Brick: Uh...

(Bitsy looks at him. She looks confused.)

Bitsy: Brick?

Brick: Who are you?

Bitsy: Name's Bitsy. Why?

Brick: Why does that name sound familiar?

Bitsy: Seriously? I'm your sister.

Boomer: We have a sister?

(Bitsy nods and beckons them closer.)

Bitsy: C'mere. I gotta tell you boys a little story.

Boomer: Like a fairytale?

Bitsy: (She groans) No! A real one!

Boomer: OK!

Bitsy: OK. Anyone remember a Mojo Jojo?

Brick: No.

Butch: No.

Boomer: Yes.

(They all look at him.)

Bitsy: OK. Anyway, he created you guys in his jail cell by night. The reason I'm here is, there was a little bit of sugar on the snails he used. After the first fight with the Powerpuff Girls, he ditched me.

Brick: And we should believe this why?

Bitsy: (She starts flying to Mojo's lair) Follow me!

(Cut to everyone at the door. Bitsy busts through.)

Bitsy: OK, MOJO!

(Mojo enters the room.)

Mojo: Go away, B-B-B-Bitsy?!

Bitsy: (She lifts him by the collar, looking livid) That's right! And you BETTER tell them about me!

(The boys enter.)

Bitsy: Tell them, or so help me, I will lift this place up and throw you into the volcano!

Mojo: (to Bitsy) OK. (to the boys) This is your sister Bitsy. If she already told you, she was created by sugar.

Brick: We know! Tell us if she's telling the truth!

Mojo: She is.

Bitsy: Toldya!

Brick: OK. C'mon. Day's almost here. (Boomer, Brick, and Butch fly off) (to Bitsy) You, too, come on!

(Bitsy joins them. They meet in the sky.)

Bitsy: So, where are the Powerpuffs?

Brick: I have no idea. Let's steal something!

(Bitsy whoops and they fly away.)

(Cut to the PPG's room. The Hotline rings and Blossom answers.)

Blossom: Hello? The Rowdyruff Boys? We're on it! (to Buttercup and Bubbles) Let's go!

(Cut to the boys and Bitsy. They are at a hamburger place, Burger Queen. They are mid-crime. The girls arrive.)

Blossom: OK, boys, the jig is- (gasp) A-A girl?

Bitsy: Sister. I hear you're the Powerpuffs.

Bubbles: We are.

(They begin fighting.)

(This goes on for a few minutes. Finally, the cops come. Cut to the RRB and Bitsy in juvie.)

(Cut to the heart outro)

Narrator: And so once again, the day is saved, thanks to the Powerpuff Girls!

(The End.)

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