Blake is a member of the TPP he is the smartest of the group yet also the most teased by his siblings though the rowdyruff boys have been known to pick on him also


Blake has a striped white and black shirt his hair is black he has black pants and sneakers he possesses a small watch on his left hand and tends to hold books and sear glasses.


Blake is intelligent with an incredible ego he constantly fights with his sisters who often tease him he also shows a bad boy streak(only when hanging out with the rowdyruff) he seems to show an aggressive behavior whenever he fights with any villain (an episode will be about toning it down) he see 's , Blake has a love for playing on computers he also likes Halloween costumes Blake tends to hang around the rowdyruff boys who were only impressed when he defeated boomer , at one point he got a job and argued with his coworkers..

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