Bliss is a Unipuff made by Professor El, she is friends with Morbucks and debuts in the episode 'Comedics Unleashed.


Bliss wears a yellow dress with a black stripe forming into an upside down V, She has long black hair with a pair of bangs hanging out and blue eyes.


  • ​Nuclear Beam
  • ​Impact Slam
  • ​Flight


  • Bliss, like her brother Bennet has no affiliation with the powerpuff girls or any of them, she tends to stick to doing her own things..but at times her behaviour has crossed with the powerpuff girls and the rowdyruff boys, the former wanting her to join them and the latter only just wanting to beat them all up.
  • Bennet and Bliss both have a hatred for each other, Bennet dislikes Bliss for thinking she drove mother away..when it was actually Mojo Jojo who was looking to marry Eloa Cog.

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