Blitz is the self-proclaimed leader of the Powerpuff Girls of the future, Powerpuffs 2099. She is a genetically and cybernetically-enhanced clone of Blossom Utonium, the former leader of the original Powerpuff Girls. Her sisters are Betty and Beatrice.

Appearance Edit

Blitz is very similar to Blossom as far as her physical appearance goes. Her hair is often in a double-locked braid with two long pigtails coming down onto the sides of her head. She wears a medium bow atop her head, much like Blossom did. She is often seen wearing the typical Powerpuffs 2099 uniform, which consists of a pink and golden chestplate with a pink, blue, and green heart-shape inside it, two shoulder-blades coming from off the sides of the shirt, navy blue pants, and her grey booster-boots.

Personality Edit

Being a clone of Blossom, Blitz is extremely intelligent and is a master strategist and tactician. She often tries to outsmart her opponents rather than use sheer brute force.

But unlike Blossom, Blitz has a tendency to be ditzy and, sometimes, air-headed, usually not taking the situation at hand too seriously.

Blitz is also extremely headstrong, typically feeling a sense of overconfidence whenever she goes into battle. However, this, combined with her "air-headedness" often lead to Blitz getting into serious trouble at times.

Blitz is also extremely protective of her sisters and Miguel O'Hara, the latter of whom she views as a surrogate brother of sorts.