When Boomer deals Blossom an awful blow to the head, it leaves her with amnesia - and she can only speak Spanish! Can the Rowdyruff Boys and the remaining three Powerpuff Girls restore her memories and English?


For a full transcript, click here.


  • This episode proves that Brick truly does care for Blossom, as he follows Honey to see if she's okay.
  • First time Blossom speaks Spanish.
  • Blossom is now the first character on the show to get amnesia.
  • This episode shows softer sides of both Brick - he wants to see if Blossom's okay - and Boomer - during an alley scene, he is trying not to cry of guilt.
  • The idea of Boomer trying not to cry is combined with a photo of him I found on the Internet and the whole masculinity thing.

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