Note: Honey is counted as a Powerpuff Girl here.

(Scene opens on the Powerpuff Girls in their room. Honey is hanging upside down from her bed, Blossom is reading, Buttercup is punching the meat from Collect Her, and Bubbles is playing with a doll.)

Honey: I'm bored.

(The Hotline rings. Blossom answers it.)

Blossom: Yes, Mayor? The Rowdyruff Boys? We're on it! (She hangs up the phone) Let's go girls!

(They fly to a soda machine similar to the one in Bubble Boy.)

Brick: Man, beating up people for fun is really-

(The girls close in)

Honey: Oh no, you di-in't!

(They begin fighting. After about a minute, Boomer smacks Blossom in the head. She goes flying.)

Honey: (gasp) Is she okay? (She begins flying to Blossom's landing spot.)

Brick: (He punches Boomer) (to Honey) Wait for me! (He begins following her)

(The others follow. They eventually land in an alley.)

Buttercup: (sarcastically) Great job, Boomer.

(Honey slowly walks up to Blossom and takes a pressure cuff thingy from her purse.)

Brick: Since when does a teenager keep that in her purse?

Honey: (annoyed) Shut up. (gasp) OMG! She's unconscious!

All but Honey: What?

Honey: (groans) If you're unconscious, you can't feel anything, but you're still alive.

Bubbles: So like dead, but not dead?

Honey: Exactly. Fortunately, it should only last a few more seconds.

(As Honey finishes the word "seconds", Blossom wakes up.)

Blossom: Ugh, ¿donde está mi familia?(where is my family?)

Honey: Su familia está an su casa y lado tú.(Your family is at your house and next to you.)

(Honey drags Buttercup and Bubbles from the group)

Honey: Está su hermanas, Bubbles y Buttercup.(These are your sisters, Bubbles and Buttercup.)

(In a panic, everyone but Blossom flies to Professor Utonium's house. They burst in.)

Bubbles, Buttercup, Honey: PROFESSOR!

Brick, Hex, Boomer, Butch: WHERE ARE YOU?

Professor: IN THE LAB!

(They hurry down to the lab, Honey and Hex running, Brick, Buttercup, Bubbles, Boomer, and Butch are all flying. Once they reach the lab, everyone begins talking at once. This goes on for twenty seconds.)

All: ...and Blossom only speaks Spanish!

Professor Utonium: Now, everyone! Just show me where she is and I'll see what's going on.

(Honey and Hex latch arms with the Professor and everyone flies to the alley. Blossom is standing.)

Professor: Blossom? Guys, what happened?

Butch: (quickly) Boomer did it. He hit her head REAL hard.

(Boomer is trying not to cry of guilt by this point. Honey gets on one knee.)

Honey: It's OK, Boomer. You didn't know any of this would happen.

(Boomer shakes his head. We can clearly see tears by this point. The Professor scoops up Blossom, who seems not to be able to fly. Honey and Hex latch arms with the Professor, and they fly into the lab.)

Still under construction.

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