Book-Face, aka Melissa Booque (Voiced by Candi Milo), is a female super villain from Paris, France. She has a book for a head and speaks in an outrageous French accent.

Ms. Booque was once a disgruntled librarian. One day, she was a victim of a freak accident that involved Chemical X and library books. Because of it, her face and hands were replaced with red books. From that moment forward, she went by the name Book-Face, and vowed revenge upon the stupid, illiterate, and obnoxious. Eventually, she transferred to Townsville, USA.

When the Powerpuff Girls encountered Book-Face, she told them about her origin and her goals. After hearing this, they viewed her as an extremist and sent her to jail. However, this wouldn't be the last they hear of her.

Book-Face has many powers, including spitting pages, reading quickly, literally spitting letters like bullets, and being a living dictionary. She wears a yellow and orange, long-sleeved dress, yellow pants, orange heels, and yellow glasses. The pages in her book-like mouth serve as teeth. Also, she has purple, bun-styled hair.

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