Brensha is the ninth powerpuff girl. She is voiced by Ashleigh Ball.She was created by Bunny. Her signature color is blood red.

Personality Edit

Brensha is cool, confident and a kinda nasty.She love doing nothing, plays video games and goofing around.She's punky and half cute.She loves soccer, too.

Her powers is the same as Beanie, but her most special power is explosion touch, like when she touch her hand to something, it will explode, and she will sleep for a week before she finishes it.

Apperience Edit

She has middle chestnut colored long hair, looks a bit similar to Berserk, but it includes a little ponytail on the top. Her outfit is similar to the other girl's, but it's red striped with black.She also wear mary janes.

Recipe Edit

Perhaps... something can work with this.

Nobody knows...

Let's add something simple, like...

DNA leftovers from a fire monster,

a little evil and a little good,

and something, something that could just be so easy, so simple

Chemical X!


What is that fiery girl doing 'round here?!?!

- Bunny

( for her apperince, see Beanie )

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