Brent is a member of the rowdyruff boys and their genius, He was made by him to be a loyal soldier since the other boys weren't loyal to him, This has given him some problems with the boys.


After the rowdyruff boys disowned him the devilish figure decided to bring his own puff to chaos, He used the same ingredients to form him, Plus the element of his own dust..this resulted in brent who was told to destroy mojo jojo, Brent, Angered by the loss of his half brothers..brent immediately went to mojo's base, Upon finding the monkey he demanded he gave us siblings back or get  beaten..mojo didn't exactly take it well so he decided to crush him.

Brent took mojo on and managed to battle against the evil monkey, He deactivated the robot with ease but was stopped by the rowdyruff boys who after discovering the look-alike decided to recruit him, Brent accepted the offer and the 4 left to go cause trouble.


Brent is a slightly misogynistic rude and smart fighter, Whenever he's explaining something he speaks in a highly sophisticated tone.


Brent wears a purple shirt with a black stripe, He wears black pants with black sneakers and has dark red hair.


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