Bullet (Voiced by

☀Jessica DiCicco ) is the sixth and final member of the Powerpuff Girls. She was a squirrel who transformed into a more humanoid form. She's faster than the rest of her teammates. Her color is yellow. She was imported from Venezuela to Townsville, USA.

While the Powerpuff Girls were out picnicking one day, Bubbles sensed that a female squirrel was being attacked by a hawk. Bubbles chased away the hawk and took her home to heal. That night, Bubbles secretly gave the squirrel some Chemical X to accelerate the healing process. The next day, the Powerpuff Girls were captured by Mojo Jojo, so the squirrel used her new powers to rescue her new friends and beat up Mojo Jojo. Because she was faster than a speeding bullet, they named her Bullet. Later that same day, she went out to settle the score with the hawk that attacked her. She succeeded.

One day, thanks to Bubbles being fluent in squirrel, she, Blossom, Buttercup, Bunny, and Butterfly learned that Bullet still had hidden powers within her. So, they took her to see Master Hooterly Owlington and Sensei Shinsetsu, to help unleash Bullet's hidden powers. Once this was done, they told them that Bullet could speak English. When she spoke, she revealed that she has a Hispanic accent. Since Buttercup always thought that Bullet was male, she took this opportunity to set Buttercup straight. Owlington and Shinsetsu also told Bullet that she could shape shift, as well. So, she decided to transform into a form more similar to her teammates. In this form, she had purple hair with braided pigtails and brown skin. This revealed that she was half black and half Hispanic. This would be her main physical form, for the rest of the series.

After that, she and her teammates went back to the Utonium Chateau to discover more of her hidden powers. These include invisibility, razor leaf projectiles, communication with squirrels, metallic projectiles, and slowing and stopping time. She can also blow a heart-shaped kiss to infatuate her opponents. She loves music and is very romantic.