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Bunny is the sister of the Powerpuff Girls. She is revived by HIM.


HIM revived Bunny with the intent of her destroying the Powerpuff Girls because what's worst than someone you love and felt you betrayed turning against you. When revived, he managed to give Bunny an appearance that matched her sisters. HIM convinced her that her sister's never really loved her, believing his words she converted to his side. Her first battle against her sister's she was reluctant to fight back, HIM reminded her of what they did to her giving her the strength to engage in a battle with them. The three were reluctant to hit her since they didn't want to hit their formerly deceased sister. The first fight was her victory, next time around the girl's found the strength to fight back feeling it was the only way to get Bunny to understand. Finally, Bunny forgave her sister's and went to their side. HIM planned on destroying her for her "betrayal" to him but kept her alive instead. If she wanted to be a Powerpuff she'd get destroyed like a Powerpuff.


Bunny is very musical playing several different instruments and having a lovely singing voice. While Bunny's sisters are the cute one or the smart one or sporty one, Bunny is still finding out who Bunny is. She wants to be an individual and not just a copy or mixture of her sisters.She is 7 years old and is awesome.


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