Bunny was a Powerpuff Girl created by Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup, when they felt they could no longer fight crime on their own. Her color scheme is purple and she has brown hair with a ponytail. However, they didn't quite get the recipe right, because the ingredients that created them weren't available, at the time. Because of this, she had the appearance of a hunchback abomination. This also caused a lack of intelligence and explosive instability. After she beat up the convicts that were thrashing her sisters, she detonated, thus regressing to the form of her ingredients.

Seasons later, unbeknownst to the Powerpuff Girls, the ingredients were transported to London, England, and delivered to the wise owl wizard, Hooterly Owlington. He then put the ingredients into a magical cauldron and cast a powerful spell to revive Bunny. The spell gave her the appearance of a normal Powerpuff Girl, but also gave her the intelligence of a genius. Master Owlington then took her on as his apprentice. It was then that Bunny discovered powers that the other Powerpuffs did not have, including elastic powers, energy star projectiles, mental energy attacks, and brainwashing. She also discovered that she could cast magical spells.

For a time, Bunny fought crime and the forces of evil in London, developing her own personal rogue's gallery of super-villains in the process. These included LeCrafty Chameleon, Vena McPlanty, the Chicken Queen, the Ghastly Coat, King Skelehorse, and worst of all, Vorpaxia. When her sisters eventually found out that Bunny was alive, they excitedly left for England to reunite with her. For a time, the four of them, along with Hooterly Owlington, had some exciting adventures in London. After a while, Bunny wished to return with her sisters to Townsville, USA. Master Owlington gladly agreed and invited the four of them to return to seek his aid and guidance at any time.

Bunny currently fights crime along with her five sisters. Because of the spell that revived her, Bunny's current personality is classy, elegant, and, snobby. She is still kindhearted, however. Her hobbies include conducting orchestras, opera, and fine art. Another side effect is that she can create a tactical plan that is superior to Blossom's. This makes her jealous and creates a rivalry between her and Bunny. Due to her being revived in London, Bunny speaks in a classy English accent. Bunny was voiced by Christine Cavanaugh and is currently voiced by Catherine Cavadini.

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