The Chicken Queen, alias Queen Eleanor Morbucks, (Voiced by Tress Macneille) is a female super villain born in London, England. She is King Morbucks' wife and Princess' mother. This explains the chicken pox on Princess' face. As the name implies, she is an anthropomorphic chicken dressed like a queen.

The Chicken Queen began her professional criminal career after she graduated from college. After that, she decided to move to Townsville, USA out of sheer boredom. It was then that she met King Morbucks. It was love at first sight because they were both rich super criminals. Years later, she gave birth to Princess Morbucks. Feeling that it was getting too crowded and rambunctious in Morbucks Manor, she returned to England to continue to expand her Roboknights of Crime, in the hopes that King would discipline their daughter.

Years later, when the Chicken Queen heard the news about how much of a spoiled brat her daughter grew into, due to Blossom spilling the beans, she became furious and rushed back into Townsville (after escaping from London Jail, of course). She returned to Townsville to strictly discipline Princess and shape her into the criminal mastermind she always wanted her to be. The Chicken Queen currently resides in Morbucks Manor and its secret underground base with her family. She is one of the leaders of the Royal Pain Syndicate.

Like her husband and daughter, the Chicken Queen despised the Powerpuff Girls for always getting in her way. She often refers to them as lowly peasants. In most of her crimes, the Chicken Queen uses an army of chickens and anthropomorphic, robotic, chicken knights to do her bidding. She also has a secret compartment in her chicken-headed scepter that activates certain weapons. She also relies on other technologies. When forced into combat, she prefers fencing, which Bunny is always equal or superior in. Despite being a chicken, she enjoys fried chicken. Her theme is similar to Princess', except a pipe organ plays instead of a harpsichord.

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