Cleocatra (Voiced by Cree Summer) is a cat goddess born in Egypt. She is an ambitious anthropomorphic cat. Thousands of years ago, she was imprisoned within the Great Pyramid. Thousands of years later, she has finally awoken.

Cleocatra seeks to take over the world and rule it, alongside her fellow cats. The Powerpuff Girls did not agree with her totalitarian methods, so they had to stop her. Luckily, Bunny knew just the spell to imprison her with. Being a recurring character, it wouldn't hold her for long.

Being a goddess, Cleocatra has many super-natural powers. She can fly, spit mummified hairballs, perfectly read hieroglyphics, communicate with cats, hypnotize cats, turn people into cats, and damage almost anything with her razor sharp claws. She wears a yellow and blue tank top, a yellow skirt, blue boots, and a short yellow tiara. She has dark grey fur and black hair. She is weak to water and is easily distracted by scratching posts. She purrs in her sentences, whenever she can.

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