Doolb is a half-demon and half-vampire, he is step-cousin of Yosufire and Sasha.

Appearance he have dark red eyes,



Doolb is son of Raef, his vampire father. and a unknown demon, only things known about her are that her name is Lilthan and worked under HIM. his father hates HIM, because nobody was free of his lies. so when Dloob had 3 years he leave his hometown with his children without his wife because she had become the leader (Raef understand it), Geky the first child of Raef with unknown vampire. who Doolb spead the days with, he believed that his father and step-brother hated him. (which the dad hates to hear it, while the brother seems accept it.) his father married Natalias "Nis" Preflames, who is adoptive sister of Akitiko and a baker who was flesh out of law school and had passed the bar exam. the two fell in love and dating, Nis was kind to Doolb and Geky. but Geky disliked Nis, believing she was only being nice to him as an art- nothing more. but, Doolb not believe it.

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