Dr. Frostbhyte Blizzardov (Voiced by Jim Cummings) is a scientist, snowman, and super villain from Moscow, Russia. Like Mojo Jojo and Fuzzy Lumpkins, he is very short tempered. As his name implies, his attacks, evil plans, and jokes are all usually ice and snow based. As audiences would expect, he speaks English with a Russian accent, occasionally uttering Russian words. He hates anything that's even remotely hot. He can also be very funny.

Dr. Blizzardov traveled to Townsville, USA in the late 80's. There, he went to Super Villain University and met Mojo Jojo, a fellow mad scientist. He was best friends with him, ever since. They both wanted to rule the world, and they both were advanced in technology. When Dr. Blizzardov graduated, he moved to the iciest parts of Townsville and built his Igloo-top Observatory,where he currently resides, very similar to Mojo Jojo's Volcano-top Observatory. He then completely equipped his laboratory with inventions, devices, and other scientific stuff.

Dr. Blizzardov wears a blue lab coat and black leather pants and boots. Like most snowmen, he has a carrot for a nose and two eyes made out of coal. His snowy hands have wooden sticks for fingers, which are flexible for some reason. On occasion, he can be seen wearing a ridiculous cybernetic titanium alloy suit, which is also blue.

Like most villains, Dr. Blizzardov hates the Powerpuff Girls because they always foil his evil schemes and send him to jail. He doesn't play well with other super villains, one of the exceptions being Mojo Jojo. In the Beat Alls Reunion episode, he replaced Fuzzy Lumpkins as the fourth member of the Beat Alls, not only because Fuzzy was in a tight security cell and Blizzardov was smarter than him, but also because he was voiced by the same actor, Jim Cummings. Dr. Blizzardov's hobbies include making and serving ice cream and snow cones.

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