The Egghead Wig is a wig that appears in the episode Bubblesmart. It is designed to look like Bubbles' hair, which turns out to be a wig glued to her head. Whenever it is put on someone's head, it instantly makes them smart, like magic. It can hold it's power forever, unless it is destroyed, although that does not happen.


When Bubbles fell from the cliff, Blossom picked it up from the ground, mistaking it for Bubbles' hair, and put it on her sister's bald head. The wig's magical abilities caused her to possess the brain of a genius and she began to observe nature, compose brilliant music, fight bad guys alone with her quick wits, and even become her father's lab partner. But what she also did was lose interest in her favorite things, including Octi, and not caring about her sisters anymore.

When she realized she hurt her sisters' feelings, she tried things like comparing, meditating, research, genius books, and chemical experiments, but those were no help at all. Then she took her sisters to the park and tried recreating the fun games they used to do, but those failed too. Then she recognized the incident that made her smart and fell off the cliff again.

The wig, however, still remained on her head after the fall and she then measured the place where she crashed and then calculated that her actual wig was 3 meters to North. She prepares to be bubbly, childish and cheery again by removing the wig from her head. It is unknown what happened to the Egghead wig afterwards since it is not seen for the rest of the episode.

Trivia Edit

  • It is synonymous to the Brain Coral in the SpongeBob SquarePants episode Patrick SmartPants.
  • It is distinguishable from Bubbles' hair wig by being a darker shade of yellow.

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