Good Girls Gone Bad
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Written by MysticalLove22
Directed by MysticalLove22
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Mojo notices that no matter who is put against the Powerpuffs, they always seem to win. He soon gets the idea of having the girls join his side. At first he is confused on how to do so but quickly comes up with an idea. He tricks the girls into coming the lab by stealing candy from the baby. When they come to retrieve it, they expect him to put a big fight but is surprised he directs them to where it is at (a machine that turns them evil). Taking the chance he pulls the lever transforming the girls. 

The girls cause mischeif aroud town. They terriorize others and seem to be bigger bullies then the Rowdyruff Boys (making Boomer cry and Butch/Brick upset). Mojo doesn't see a problem to the girls beat and terrorize him as well. He turns them back into the Powerpuffs, it seems the four of them are unaware of what happened. 


Blossom: Okay the jig is up Mojo we know you took candy from a baby!

Mojo: (play acting) You are right! It is right in the not all supicious machine! 

Blossom: *walking with girls inside the machine* That was surpisingly easy.

Mojo: *pulls lever*

[The door opens and Mojo smirks]

Blossom (who is now Berserk): Berserk!

Bubbles (who is now Brat): Brat!

Buttercup (who is now Brute): Brute!

Bunny (who is now Brash): Brash!

All: We're the Powerpunk Girls!

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