Honey Utonium





Love Interest:



Professor Utonium


Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup


Grace Jackson

First Appearance:

Candy, Male DNA, and Everything Teenage Make What?

Professor Jack Utonium's teenage daughter and the girls' replacement mother.

Early LifeEdit

The Professor created her using candy, male DNA, and everything teenage. However, the professor crashed into another beaker of Chemical X, which didn't alter her looks, but did give her superpowers. She goes to Townsville High. Since her first day, she has met her best friend Laura Kall. On her third day, Grace Johnson spied her flying home from school, and since then has tried to embarrass her.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Honey has blond hair that reaches her waist, fair skin, and blue eyes. She wears a magenta tank top, a locket - she put pictures of Hex and her here, jean shorts,  and magenta sneakers. Her hair is often kept down, but sometimes it's in a ponytail or braids.



Honey sometimes accuses Blossom of stealing her books, but despite this, they get on well.


Honey is personally a little scared of Buttercup.


Honey thinks Bubbles is simply adorable.

Professor UtoniumEdit

Other than wishing he wouldn't nag her so much on homework, Honey gets on great terms with her father. She does, however, wish he understands what she means in texting lingo - such as TTYL if leaving the house.

Laura KallEdit

Honey can always depend on her. She knows she can call anytime she has a crisis, and Laura feels the same.

Grayson HaxEdit

See Laura.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Honey has been shown to be able to cook. She is also an excellent dancer, but likes dancing in the privacy of her room, often with Laura if she's around. She has the standard abilities, but she has a special power: Tornado Twist, where she spins around and around, faster and faster, until she's a yellow tornado of fury. She is a basketball player at school. She has been shown to be able to blow a gum bubble large enough to lift her from anything she may be stuck to(You Guys Again?!).

Rowdyruff CounterpartEdit

She has a Rowdyruff counterpart, a teenage boy - duh - named Hex who she crushes on a little bit. Because of this, she normally only goes after Brick or Butch, as she considers Boomer cute.

Powerpunk CounterpartEdit

Her Powerpunk counterpart is Hell. They are friendly - both being teenage girls, and each from another universe, they have lots to talk about - and almost never fight.


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