Dr. Honeydeer Utonium (Voiced by Kath Soucie) is Professor Jonathan Utonium's real wife, and the Powerpuff Girls' official mother. Her name is a pun based off the two words spouses often called each other; honey and dear. She was born and raised in Townsville. She is an anthropomorphic deer, and is currently a full-time mother.

Honeydeer and Jonathan met each other as classmates in college. When they both graduated, they decided to get married. After the wedding, they bought the house that they live in now. After 5 long, happy years of being together, Honeydeer was called into a 10 year expedition in Africa. Her heart was heavy with regret, but she knew she had to go. Feeling lonely, Professor Utonium did some research to create the perfect little girls, but ended up creating the Powerpuff Girls instead, and he couldn't be happier with the results.

10 years later, Honeydeer finally returned to the Utonium Chateau, and was welcomed with open arms by her husband. He then introduced her to his creations, the Powerpuff Girls. She actually sort of expected him to make something like this, during her absence. She decided to stay for good. The girls were skeptical, at first, but when they realized that she is trustworthy, they embraced her.

Honeydeer has light-brown fur and long pink hair. In height, she's just as tall as her husband. She wears a dark-brown, sleeveless dress, a pink belt, pink boots, ten gold rings, and blue glasses. In one episode, while shopping in the mall, it's revealed that she took self-defense classes in Ninjutsu. She put this to good use, when being attacked by Big Billy, Fuzzy Lumpkins, and Sedusa. She could also use her antlers to attack, and use her purse as nun-chucks. The Powerpuff Girls were impressed when they found out that she beat them all by herself.

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