Master Hooterly Owlington (Voiced by Roger L. Jackson) is a talking owl, and a wise and powerful wizard with a unique sense of humor. He was born and raised in the magical world of Fairytasia. He is a powerful ally against the forces of evil.

Being a magical owl, he has lived for many centuries. Like most owls, Master Owlington can fly and turn his head around, completely. As a master of all light magic, he has mastered many spells. In more recent centuries, he decided to move to Earth. He chose London, England because that place appealed to him, the most. Also, because of his poncy British accent. Once certain ingredients were delivered to his house, he was able revive Bunny, and make a few improvements, while he was at it. He then took her as his apprentice. Eventually, he allowed her to go on her own adventures with her teammates.

Hooterly Owlington has purple and pink feathers, blue feet, and a blue beak. He wears green glasses and a green and blue wizard hat, with white stars and moons on it. He is just as tall as an average Powerpuff Girl would be.

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