Planet Huffalon is the home planet of the Powerpuff Girls and the Rowdyruff Boys. It is a beautiful, peaceful, Utopian planet divided into two civilizations. One half is called Puffalon, while the other half is called Ruffalon. It was under constant siege by the evil Xeldosian Empire. The two halves have formed a permanent truce to fight off this and all future threats.

Puffalon is the more tranquil of the two civilizations. Its inhabitants, the Huffpuffs, are the wiser of the two species. Though they prefer reason over combat, they can be formidable when forced into it. This is the race that the Powerpuff Girls belong to.

Ruffalon is the more energetic part of Huffalon. The Huffruffs inhabit this half of the planet. They are a proud warrior race and love to fight. They jump into battle any chance they get. This is the race that the Rowdyruff Boys belong to.

There is one quality that both races possess; they both get stronger every time they fight. Also, they accomplish so much more when they work together. Huffalon is also the planet where the biological parents of the Powerpuff Girls and the Rowdyruff Boys reside. They discover that, not only are they royalty, but they are also related. The Rowdyruff Boys and the Powerpuff Girls are siblings. It is on this planet that they discover the secrets of their past.

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