Kard is a ruff ninja demon that work to HIM, he is olderest bother of Htlil, Kincatas, Der and Mikutia, is obsessed for Brute and have deep hate of Sage.


like all his siblings, he have light red skin.


Kard is a hot-headed, bossy and honest guy who tries make the things of right way,


Brute - is obsessed for her. as he force his siblngs to let her win when she battles againset one of them and make everything that she want or wish or give her gifts (such as sandwiches or things she like) Brute find him very strange and think that he is cursed by his past.

Stallon - his love rival. he hate him and Stallon being Brute's boyfriend, Kard wish that Stallon never has existed in his life.

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