King John Morbucks (Voiced by Ed Asner) is a super criminal of Townsville. He is the boss of a secret underworld criminal organization called the Royal Pain Syndicate. He is the husband of the Chicken Queen and the father of Princess Morbucks. He finally reveals his face in season 7.

Born and raised in Townsville, King had it rough growing up. The jobs he could get were mediocre at best, and he didn't make much. All that changed when he started gambling and investing. He proceeded to cheat his way through many levels of riches. It was then that he decided to start a criminal organization. When he got enough money, he bought a mansion and named it Morbucks Manor. He also bought the casino he was gambling in. King Morbucks then discovered a secret passage in the mansion that led to a cave. There, he set up his base of operations. After that, he started a family. After committing crime for a while, he discovered that he enjoyed his criminal business.

It wasn't until season 7 that the Powerpuff Girls started to suspect King Morbucks' dealings. When they found him at the base, he revealed his grand schemes. Princess found out about it as well, and wanted in.This made him proud to hear her say that. It wasn't easy, but they managed to foil and expose his plans. Thus, he was finally arrested and sent to jail, along with his daughter. But he always has an escape plan. When not committing crimes, he can still often be interrogated by the Powerpuff Girls, because he may know something, nevertheless.

King Morbucks is tall, fat, and bald. Sometimes, he can be seen in a weaponised hover chair. He wears a white, yellow, and green business suit, and a tie with a dollar sign on it. He has a diamond shaped eye patch on one eye and his good eye reveals that they are yellow. He has a scar on his chin. His cane has a green diamond on top of it. Pressing the button on the diamond would activate his secret weapons and traps. He is exceptionally talented when working with technology. Also, he is almost always seen drinking a glass of the most expensive lemonade. When his plans are foiled by the Powerpuff Girls, he reveals that he's just as childish and whiny as his daughter, Princess. King's hobbies include golfing, bowling, and driving.

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