King Skelehorse, aka the Dark Horse Lord (Voiced by Rob Paulsen and Steven Blum, respectively) is an evil, skeletal, anthropomorphic horse. As his title implies, he has dark magical powers. He is also one of the four rulers of Heck.

King Skelehorse is as old as his brother, Him, and younger than his sister, Vorpaxia. He is a spectre, necromancer, and warlock. This means he can create an army of the undead and summon green flames of darkness. His voice always has a harmonizer effect applied to it.

King Skelehorse wears spiked, black and green armor that covers his entire body, except his hands and head. He also wears a green cape. Being a skeleton, his teeth are exposed. His mane and tail are made of supernatural green flames. The green flames in his black eyes reflect his hatred for goodness and decency. If there's anyone that he hates more than the Powerpuff Girls, it's Princess Virtuous.

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