Kiryu (桐生市, lit. Kiryuu-shi), also known as Mechagodzilla III (メカゴジラIII, lit. Mekagojira III), is a mecha created by the Global Defense Force (G.D.F.) and first appeared at the ending of Godzilla vs. Mukozilla II - Advent of the Vortaak.


Name Edit

Kiryu's name comes from the Japanese word Kiryuu-shi (桐生市), which means "mechanical dragon".

Mechagodzilla III's name comes from the Japanese word mecha (メカ, lit. meka), which means robot, Godzilla's Japanese name, Gojira (ゴジラ), and the Roman numeral for the number 3, III.

Design Edit

Kiryu's design is identical to that of his film counterpart from Godzilla: Tokyo S.O.S. (2003).

History Edit

Godzilla vs. Mukozilla II - Advent of the Vortaak Edit

Kiryu, along with Argus and M.O.G.U.E.R.A., appeared as a cameo at the end of Godzilla vs. Mukozilla II - Advent of the Vortaak in order to foreshadow what comes next.

Godzilla vs. Mukozilla III part 1 - World Collision Edit

To be added.

Godzilla vs. Mukozilla III part 2 - Giant Monsters All-Out Attack Edit

To be added.

Stats Edit

Height: 100 meters

Length: 120 meters

Weight: 74,000 metric tons

Powers: Maser cannon in mouth, Tri-Maser cannon in chest, additional gauntlets have twin laser cannons and knives, additional backpack can separate into a mini-vessel and fire missiles.

Trivia Edit

  • Kiryu is the leader of the G.D.F. mecha, due to the fact that he is the only one with an actual connection to a kaiju.
  • Kiryu has a fighting style that combines all other styles of the mecha in his unit.
  • Kiryu and Dynamo are the only cyborgs in the G.D.F. unit.

Roars Edit

Sound Effects - Kiryu02:06

Sound Effects - Kiryu

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