LeCrafty Chameleon, alias Jacques C. Ingleberry (Voiced by Rob Paulsen), is a purple anthropomorphic chameleon, and super villain extraordinaire. He is the father of Snake, aka Sanford D. Ingleberry. LeCrafty Chameleon was born and raised in Paris, France, thus speaks English with an outrageous French accent.

Growing up, he had an overwhelming interest in fine arts and crafts, hence his super villain name. When he finished college, he became a curator in a museum. One day, a freak accident, involving paint and Chemical X, changed his life greatly. A magic paintbrush appeared in his hand out of thin air. When he started to paint, he noticed that anything he painted came to life. The paintbrush can shoot blobs of paint at his enemies. The accident also made him insane, thus he turned to a life of crime. After stealing countless paintings, money, and jewelry, he started to get bored. One day when he read the newspaper, he learned about the Powerpuff Girls in Townsville, USA. So he decided to move there for a challenge.

During his time in Townsville, LeCrafty Chameleon learned two more abilities. He learned how to turn invisible and how to shape shift into other characters. Both were of great use when trying to escape the Powerpuff Girls. However, his luck ran out when he impersonated Buttercup. He was too stupid to change his accent to a New Yorker's. Exposed, they beat him up and threw him into Townsville jail. He escaped, of course.

LeCrafty Chameleon wears a blueish-greenish, renaissance style vest with long blue sleeves, orange pants, yellow shoes, and a red beret. He is almost never seen without his paint palette. He hates plaid because it exposes him when he's invisible. His hobbies include painting and playing the accordion.

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