Lord Blissless (not to be confused with Bliss from the reboot) was Blossom's evil alter ego. She went by this name when she pledges herself to Zagon's dark teachings, thus betraying her sisters (albeit temporarily), and is currently the name of Blossom's evil clone. For a time, she became the very force of evil she dedicated her life to fighting against. Zagon promised she would become more powerful than any Powerpuff Girl, which she did. She did actually enjoy being evil for a while. She was nicknamed Dark Lord of the Xith.

As Lord Blissless, she wears a full cyber suit similar to Darth Vader's. She spoke similarly to Darth Vader, as well. It is complete with a cape and a helmeted mask, which gave her voice a metallic echo.There is a bow on top of her helmet. She enjoys this voice very much. She thought it sounded cool. In case she did decide to go back to the good side, Zagon took part of Blossom's hair so he could create an evil clone of her, thus making a true Lord Blissless.

She, along with her troops, departed for Earth to capture Bubbles and Buttercup and take them to Emperor Zagon. During their short battle she reveals to her sisters who she is and that she discovered powers she was not fully aware of. Bubbles and Buttercup surrendered out of despair, and were taken to the emperor. When they arrived at Zagon's throne room, he and his apprentice, Lord Blissless, made a combined effort to convert Bubbles and Buttercup to the dark side. Bubbles and Buttercup fought Lord Blissless a second time and won. After her defeat, she realized her breathing was made slightly difficult by her helmeted mask, so she took it off in comedic frustration, along with the rest of her cyber suit. She then apologized and told Zagon that being an evil overlord wasn't all it's cracked up to be. She rejoined her sisters as Blossom and comically ran Zagon over, the latter of which proceeded to lament. Fortunately, no one else knew that it was Blossom who was wearing the female cyber suit. This half-hour special is called Revenge Of The Return Of The Xith!

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