Macanio is a angel, best friend of Rawbella and member DAP.


Personality: despite a boy, Macanio is estremely shy and get scared easily. he may seem like a coward at first, but is actually a great asset in fights. Though he may seem innocent and scared on the outside, anger him or hurt him friends, he will do harm. Similar to his ancestor Rogatonu, who appears to be way more brutal than his. he loves pushies and catoons, he often speard his time with Boomer watch catoons or play together with toys


Rinama - oldest sister, she dotes him a lot. but he don't care, only care to she don't leaves him alone.

Rawbella - best friend

Yosufire - close friend

Sasha - close friend

Dloob - seems in good terms.

Diala - close friend

Cherry - close friend

Brick - friend, despite of Brick make fun of him, he care about Macanio. who try help him in troubles. they seem in good terms.

Butch - friend, despite of Butch make fun of him with Brick and sometimes scares him. Macanio harm him sometimes and feel bad for it, he try help Butch, they seem in good terms.

Boomer - good friend, Macanio understand him better than Brick and Butch. Macanio dislike see Boomer hurt and protect him, Boomer wishes to be stornger like him. while Macanio started dating with Bubbles, Boomer started dating with the Macanio's counterpart, Macania.

Blossom - friend, call her of "Blossom-chan"

Bubbles - closest friend and girlfriend, he is in love with her. 

Buttercup -

Berserk -

Brat - despite that she have a passion to him, he hates her greatily

Brute -


he is storngest of his all friends, but speclity Brute.

he not only hates Brat but also peoples with the personality smilar to her.

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