Narrator: Ah! Professor enjoys a delightful breakfast with the girls, what will happen next? Edit

(Liquid Pouring)

Blossom: Oh No!

Bubbles: Oh No!

Buttercup: Oh No!

(Liquid pouring on the cereal)



Mini Blossom: Hello!

Blossom: Who are you guys?

Mini Bubbles: Were the Mini Puff Girls!

Bubbles: You look different and your small!

Mini Buttercup: Yes! We do the same thing as you! Fight crime!

Bubbles: Oh no! Mustard Roof!


(Licking the Mustard)

Blossom: The roof is clean!

Bubbles: Yay!

Narrator: And so, for the first time, The day is saved thanks to... The Mini Puff Girls!

The End !

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