Minty Johan


Professor Margaret Johan


Cocoa, Gumball


The Powerpuff Girls


Crackenton, USA


Minty has a black bob with a green streak, a mint Powerpuff outfit, and a mint-colored bracelet.


She is described as smart and sweet - a show-off by Gumball. She cares for her sisters and mother figure, though she, along with her sisters, fear the very WORD "stepfather", showing they don't like their mother dating.


Professor Margaret JohanEdit

Minty dearly loves her "mother," referring to her as Professor. While she thinks her mother can be a bit of a helicopter parent sometimes, she enjoys her creator's love.


They get along well. The only time they argue is when Cocoa ignores crime for her fairytales or tries to use a fairytale strategy to win.


They sometimes argue - mostly because Gumball goes her own way instead of following Minty's plan. But they normally get along.

Professor UtoniumEdit

They try not to talk around him, as they are worried that the Professor will marry their creator.


Blossom and Minty get on well, mostly because they both are smart, have rebel sisters, and like reading. Minty feels she can open up to Blossom and tell her anything. Blossom returns this.


Bubbles and Minty like to play together.


Buttercup sometimes tries to talk, but Minty is so scared of her she doesn't really talk.

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