The MukoBara (向こうバラ, lit. MukōBara) is the Baragon design used in the 2016 Godzilla/Powerpuff Girls fanficton/crossover remake, Mukozilla vs. Godzilla.


Name Edit

The MukoBara's name comes from another kaiju's name, Muko (向こう), and Bara, which comes from Baragon's Japanese name, Baragon (バラゴン?).

Design Edit

The MukoBara's design is nearly identical to the SokogekiBara.

History Edit

Baragon first appeared in 1999. The behemoth attacked Osaka, Japan. However, during his rampage, a new Godzilla rose from the bay and entered the city. Godzilla found Baragon, and the two wrestled it out with each other. Eventually, the two got into a beam lock when Baragon shot his heat ray, and Godzilla shot his atomic breath. However, it did not last, and while Baragon was distracted from the explosion, Godzilla dragged him out to sea and finished him off with the kiss of death.

Stats Edit

Height: 59 meters

Length: 45 meters

Weight: 21,000 metric tons

Powers: Heat ray, excellent burrower.

Trivia Edit

  • Baragon is the only Toho kaiju, other than Godzilla himself, to be featured in both the main Godzilla vs. Mukozilla trilogy and the remake, Mukozilla vs. Godzilla.
  • In the Mukozilla vs. Godzilla, Baragon features his 2001 design from Godzilla, Mothra, and King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack, while in the Godzilla vs. Mukozilla trilogy, he utilizes his original 1965 design from Frankenstein vs. Baragon.

Roars Edit

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