(Scene opens to the girls walking in high school)

Bubbles: This was the best school ever!

Buttercup: Yeah.

Blossom: Shall we...(The girls accidentally bump into a new girl. She has purple eyes, dress, black hair, and Mary Janes)

Bubbles: Whoa!

Blossom: Who are you?

Girl: I'm...Violet. (The girls nervously get confused. Stop on Blossom, who is nervously smiling and swallowing hard)

Blossom: (nervously) Hi...Violet. I'm...Blossom.

Bubbles: (nervously) Bubbles.

Buttercup: (nervously) Buttercup.

Girls: Nice to meet you.

Violet: Nice to meet you, too. (Her stomach starts rumbling) Oh, I really am getting hungry. (Blossom's stomach rumbles as well)

Blossom: Me too. Lunchtime, girls?

Bubbles and Buttercup: Yeah.

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