Nina Fuller




Elizabeth Fuller(deceased)


Darrin, Cardinal, Maxie, Sammy, Estelle, Roxanne and Rosanne


The Cluster


Elizabeth Fuller(deceased), Darrin(brother), Cardinal(sister), Maxie(sister), Roxanne and Rosanne(sisters), Estelle(sister)


Nina was created with her several brothers and sisters by Elizabeth Maria Fuller on January 3. Roxanne, the eldest, knew her mother had leukemia and was dying quickly. On January 13, Elizabeth died, and Nina traveled with her remaining family to the streets.


Nina lives in a blue house next to the Utoniums. She lives with her siblings. Roxanne and Darrin try to care for the others. Nina seems to have a crush on Boomer. She sometimes only acts from pure fear - such as burning Brick to a crisp because she was scared of him.


Nina looks like a normal 5-year-old girl. She does, however, have superpowers. Nina has tan skin, black ponytail, black eyes, a pink tank top, and a violet skirt.

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