PPG and RRB Z Unite is a fanfic based on the Powerpuff Girls Z Anime.


After the Rowdyruff Boys are hit with white Z rays while breaking into the lab, they develop powers of their own, turn over a new leaf and join forces with the Powerpuff Girls and fall in love with them.


Powerpuff Girls Z and Rowdyruff Boys ZEdit

  • Blossom-The self proclaimed leader of the Powerpuff Girls Z. Like the anime, she is boy crazy and has a sweet tooth. When in her civilian clothes, she dresses in a dark grey sweater with small white, pink and red hearts on the front, a frilly fuchsia and magenta skirt and dark brown shoes. Her weapon is her Yo-yo and her superpower is ice breath.
  • Brick-The self proclaimed leader of the Rowdyruff Boys Z. He becomes Blossom's boyfriend. After getting hit with white Z rays, Brick becomes more polite and protective. In contrast to Blossom's sweet tooth, Brick is addicted to junk food. There are 3 recurring gags centered around Brick, the first one being that he is an amazing cook, the second being that Princess has a clear crush on him, even though he isn't interested and the third being that he's constantly pointing out that he is the oldest of his brothers, only for Butch or Boomer to point out that he's only the oldest by a couple milliseconds. When in his civilian clothes, he dresses in a dark red hoodie with red sports jersey, dark jeans and red converse. His weapon is a sword and his superpower is heat vision. In the episode 'A Brick Divided', an accident with the professor's molecular separator ray causes Brick to be seperated into 3 personalities, Hero Brick, who is the heroic side of Brick powered by White Z Rays, Evil Brick, who is the villainous side of Brick powered by the Black Z Rays that Him gave him and never took back, and Slacker Brick, the lazy civilian side of Brick.
  • Bubbles-A fashionista and a sweetheart who is always receiving love letters in school. When in her civilian clothes, she dresses the same as in the first 20 episodes of the anime, with a white long sleeved blouse, a blue skirt, white socks, black mary janes and a blue tie. Her weapon is a bubble wand and her superpower is a sonic scream. In the episode 'Bad To The Bone', after she is pricked by one of Bad-Bug's powered quills, she becomes a tough as nails Biker Chick.
  • Boomer-Unlike his original counterpart from the 1980s series, Boomer is quite intelligent. He becomes Bubbles' boyfriend. In contrast to Bubbles' love of animals, Boomer is more fond of insects. A recurring gag is that Boomer is constantly forgetting he is allergic to seafood and Brick or Butch have to stop him from eating it. When in his civilian clothes, he dresses in a light blue shirt under dark blue waistcoat with orange board shorts, fingerless gloves & blue sneakers. His weapon is a baseball bat and his superpower is creating a sonic wave by clapping his hands.
  • Buttercup-The toughest member of the Powerpuff Girls Z. She is a major sports fanatic and hates girly stuff, including having to wear a skirt. When in her civilian clothes, she wears a black long sleeved turtleneck under a green t-shirt, blue jeans and a pair of white & green sneakers. Her weapon is her hammer and her superpower is intangibility.
  • Butch-The toughest member of the Rowdyruff Boys Z. He becomes Buttercup's boyfriend. Like Buttercup and his brothers, Butch is a huge sports fan. When in his civilian clothes, he wears a white t-shirt under forest green button down, blue jeans & black sneakers. His weapon is an axe and his superpower is creating force fields. Inspite being the toughtest of his brothers, in 'The Monkey and the Germs', it's revealed that Butch doesn't know how to swim.

Other ProtagonistsEdit

  • Professor Utonium-A scientist employed by the mayor. A kind father to his son and father figure to the girls and the boys.
  • Ken Utonium-The professor's son. The Powerpuff Girls act like older sisters towards Ken while the Rowdyruff Boys act like older brothers towards him.
  • Poochie-Ken's talking robotic pet dog who can summon the girls and the boys and trigger their transformations. He can sniff out Chemical Z activity, but the scent can be masked.
  • The Mayor of New Townsville-The dim witted mayor of New Townsville.
  • Miss Bellum-The attractive assistant to the mayor who does most of his work.
  • Miss Keane-The kind and patient teacher to the girls.
  • Kasey-Blossom's hyperactive little sister. She is addicted to superheroes. She is a fan of the Powerpuff Girls and the Rowdyruff Boys, she likes Bubbles and Buttercup's Powerpuff forms, but not Blossom's. She constantly annoys Blossom. It is implied that she has an interest in Ken. Kasey is shown to be quite blunt as when Blossom first introduced Kasey to Brick, the first thing Kasey said was "He's cute".


  • Mojo Jojo-The most recurring villain, he was an ordinary zoo monkey who was hit with Black Z Rays. He constantly builds robots to help take over the world, but is always thwarted by the Powerpuff Girls and the Rowdyruff Boys. He is extremely dim witted, not being able to realize that his own sons (Brick, Boomer and Butch) are the heroic Rowdyruff Boys, inspite of them looking the same and sharing the same names as he only believes the heroic Rowdyruff Boys to be imposters.
  • Fuzzy Lumpkins-A territorial creature living in the woods. He is obsessed with his property and claims things that aren't his as his own. He has a huge crush on Miss Bellum. He is shown to be nice to anyone who shows him praise.
  • Princess Morebucks-The girls' bratty school mate who is obsessed with getting attention. A recurring gag is that she has a crush on Brick and is always flirting with him, inspite it being clear that he doesn't return the feelings.
  • The Gangreen Gang-A street gang who love causing trouble.
    • Ace-The leader with the ability to throw cards.
    • Ivy-The second in command with a crush on Ace who has the ability to put people to sleep by giving them massages.
    • Lil' Arturo-The smallest member with super speed.
    • Grubber-The dim witted member with shape shifting abilities. His ability is easy to see through as he keeps his skin colour.
    • Big Billy-The overweight muscle of the gang with super strength.
  • The Amoeba Boys-A trio of small time criminals.
    • Silk Hat-The leader of the group.
    • Poncho-The second in command of the group.
    • Violet-The female member of the group.
  • Sedusa-A master of disguise able to imitate anyone's appearance just by using make-up. It's possible to catch her out if she doesn't know information about the person she is imitating (For example, when she imitated Brick and Boomer wasn't sure of which one to attack, the heroes asked questions about Brick to see which one was real and Sedusa was caught out when Brick said he knew the winner of a talent show on TV which Sedusa didn't see). She can also be found out when she is wearing perfume in an attempt to hide the scent of her Black Z Rays. She is really a sweet girl called Annie who owns a treat shop the group frequent.
  • The Powerpunk Girls Z-The Powerpunk Girls Z are the girls evil counterparts from an alternate dimension.
    • Berserk-Blossom's Counterpart. The Self Proclaimed Leader. She is controlling and sarcastic. Her weapon is a chain whip.
    • Brute-Buttercup's Counterpart. She is rude, gross and annoying. Her weapon is a sythe.
    • Brat-Bubbles' Counterpart. She is sassy and obnoxious. Her weapon is a handgun.

Original VillainsEdit

  • Silencio-The main villain of the entire series, Silencio is a mystic monster with the ability to mutate creatures and manipulate events. It is revealed he is Him's son who wishes to return his father.
  • Master Chef-A bus boy at a fancy restaurant who felt underappreciated due to him being an amazing cook, when he was hit with Black Z Rays, he becomes a cooking themed villain. He is defeated when Brick beats him in a cook off. His trigger is when his cooking is insulted.
  • Snapshot-A photographer who weilds a special camera that turns people to stone. His trigger is when he snaps a photograph of landmarks.
  • The Quizmaster-As a child, Arthur was a champion on a children's game show, when his 3 year unbeaten streak came to an end, he believed the studio had cheated him. He becomes Quizmaster and kidnaps the people he believed to be responsible for his failure and challenges them to a rematch. When the team stop him, he captures Bubbles and challenges the heroes to a game with Bubbles' life on the line. He was never hit by Black Z Rays.
  • Musician King-A musical villain able to hypnotise people with his singing. He has a crush on Bubbles due to her brilliant singing voice. He is really a famous rock musician who Buttercup is a big fan of.
  • Frightmare-A villain of unknown origin able to make people see their worst fears. He is revealed to be a normal man who is afraid of people and is afraid of going outside. Rather than take him to the Professor, the heroes leave him be and agree to leave him alone and promise to make sure no one else ever disturbs him.
  • Misery-A villain that gets stronger by causing others misery by insulting them, while most of the team are affected by his insults, Bubbles is able to ignore his insults. In actuality, he is a bully at the team's school.
  • Storm-A man with the ability to manipulate the weather. He tries to ruin an extreme sports event to get revenge on a man that wronged him 10 years ago.
  • Waterhazard-A water themed villain who is in love with Miss Keane, he uses his water powers to commit several robberies and steals jewels to impress Miss Keane.
  • Bad-Bug-An insect themed villain covered in spikes, after a fight with the heroes, Bubbles is pricked by one of his spikes and becomes tough as nails.
  • The Gambler-A gambling obsessed villain who kidnaps the Powerpuff Girls and the Rowdyruff Boys and forces Ken to play several games of chance to win back his friends.
  • Professor Utonium Clone-A plant clone of Professor Utonium.
  • The Shifter-A shape shifting supervillain that originated from one of Boomer's comic books.

Other CharactersEdit

  • Cody-Bubbles' old friend from when she was younger and her first crush. After Bubbles introduced him to Boomer, since Boomer was Bubbles' boyfriend, the 2 didn't get along.
  • Duchess Morbucks-Princess' older sister. She is loving towards her sister and helps her out when the girls and the boys keep taking attention away from Princess. She uses her old suit to outshine the girls once more, but forgets about the boys.
  • King Morbucks-Princess and Duchess' father.
  • Queen Morbucks-Princess and Duchess' mother.
  • The Mayor's Brother-The Principal of the school the girls attend.
  • Bubbles' Grandmother-Bubbles' grandmother who she lives with.
  • Jason-A young man who is a regular at Annie's (Sedusa) resteraunt. She has a crush on him and it's implied that he returns the feelings.
  • The Masked Wonder-Buttercup's Masked Wrestler Father who refuses to remove his mask until he retires from Pro Wrestling. When he meets Butch, he tries putting Butch into a wrestling hold, only for Butch to reverse it into another wrestling hold.
  • Dave-Buttercup's older brother, he dreams of following in his father's footsteps and becoming a pro wrestler. He gets along well with Butch.
  • Sam-Buttercup's younger brother.
  • Brandy-One of Princess' friends with a crush on Butch.
  • Mandy-Princess' other friend with a crush on Boomer.
  • The Goodenough Girls Z-The Ancestors of the Powerpuff Girls.
    • Bloom-Blossom's Ancestor and the leader of the Goodenough Girls. Her weapon is a coin with a ribbon.
    • Burst-Bubbles' Ancestor. Her weapon is a giant war fan.
    • Butterscotch-Buttercup's Ancestor. Her weapon of choice is a giant mallet.
  • Professor Pithium-The original creator of Chemical X who created the Goodenough Girls.
  • Natsuki - Blossom's old crush. He is super cold and mean towards Blossom. He does have little crush on Buttercup. When Brick and Butch met him and found out what Natsuki had done to their girlfriends, they had a fight with him. Luckily, because Blossom and Buttercup hadn't seen this, so the two boys still date with them, but Natsuki moved away afterwards and never came back.

Other Original CharactersEdit

  • Richard-Bubbles' Father.
  • Julie-Bubbles' Mother.
  • Preston-Blossom's Father.
  • Sarah-Blossom's Mother.
  • The Greatlytough Boys Z-The Powerpuff Girls' male ancestors who bear a resemblance to the Rowdyruff Boys.
    • Brian-Brick's Counterpart. He is the leader of the Greatlytough Boys. His weapon is a Katana Sword.
    • Benjamin-Boomer's Counterpart. His weapon is a pair of Escrima Sticks.
    • Bucky-Butch's Counterpart. His weapon is a Shield.
  • Johnny Turner-A well known extreme sports announcer who wronged Storm 10 years ago and ruined his life. Storm returns and attempts to take his revenge on Turner.
  • Tyler-An artist who Silencio uses to stop the Powerpuff Girls and the Rowdyruff Boys.
  • Trevor-Miss Keane's fiancée and later husband.
  • Professor Rodium-Professor Utonium's old work colleague


# Episode Title Villain Main Character/Characters for the Episode Episode Summary Notes
1 A New Leaf Mojo Jojo Everyone After the boys break into the lab, they are hit with White Z Rays that the professor was observing for his experiments and appear to become good guys.
2 Take A Chance Mojo Jojo Everyone Inspite being hesitant about trusting the Rowdyruff Boys, the girls decide to give them a chance to prove themselves as good guys.
3 Welcome To The Team Mojo Jojo Everyone Everyone welcomes the Rowdyruff Boys to the team.
4 Going Out Mojo Jojo Brick & Blossom Brick asks Blossom on a date.
5 One Big Happy Family Mojo Jojo Brick, Boomer, Butch & Ken The Rowdyruff Boys decide to bond with Ken a bit.
6 Walk In The Park Mojo Jojo Boomer & Bubbles Boomer asks Bubbles out on a date.
7 Power Couple Mojo Jojo Butch & Buttercup Butch asks Buttercup out on a date.
8 Camping Trip Fuzzy Lumpkins Everyone Fuzzy interrupts the group's camping trip.
9 Obsessive Morbucks Princess Morbucks Brick & Blossom Princess Morbucks meets Brick and instantly becomes obsessed with him.
10 Video Game Mojo Jojo Everyone When the team are offered to perform motion captures for a video game based on them, they don't know they are being tricked by Mojo so he can create a robot able to counter all their moves.
11 Kiss And Make-Up Sedusa Everyone Sedusa commits multiple robberies in an attempt to make Jason like her more than Annie.
12 Road Rage Mojo Jojo Butch After the Professor finishes building a super fast car, the boys find out about a movie being shot nearby that is holding auditions for a car for a scene and decide to audition the Professor's invention, however, Mojo decides to audition his own car and the two race to decide which car is picked.
13 I Take Thee Fuzzy Lumpkins Everyone Fuzzy kidnaps Ms Bellum in an attempt to make her marry him.
14 Master Chef Master Chef Brick An underappreciated bus boy with dreams of being a great chef is hit with Black Z Rays and becomes a food themed monster.
15 Bribery Princess Morbucks Brick, Blossom & Princess Morbucks Princess tries to bribe Brick into breaking up with Blossom.
16 Birthday Wish Mojo Jojo Blossom Everyone celebrates Blossom's birthday.
17 Dating Trouble Cody Boomer, Bubbles & Cody Bubbles introduces Boomer to her old friend, Cody, this turns bad when Cody's jealousy triggers his werewolf transformation.
18 The Monkey And The Germs Mojo Jojo & The Amoeba Boys Butch Mojo teams up with the Amoeba Boys in a new plan to take over the world. Meanwhile, in their personal lives, the group discovers that Butch can't swim.
19 Photo Finish Snapshot ??? A photography monster with the ability to turn people into stone starts terrorising New Townsville.
20 Green Thoughts The Gangreen Gang Butch & Buttercup The Gangreen Gang attempt to capture Butch and Buttercup.
21 Busted Mojo Jojo Everyone While at the movie theatre, Mojo Jojo spots Butch with Buttercup and finds out that the boys have girlfriends, not knowing it's the Powerpuff Girls.
22 Q And A Quizmaster Everyone When several people are kidnapped by a man calling himself 'Quizmaster', the team must compete in a game show to save the lives of the hostages.
23 Insomnia Princess Morbucks Brick When Brick stays up all night, he is too tired to help when Morbucks starts terrorizing the city again.
24 Picture Perfect Mojo Jojo Everyone When a local photojournalist proclaims to have pictures of the Powerpuff Girls and the Rowdyruff Boys as civilians, Mojo attempts to steal the photos to discover who they really are, at the same time, the team try to obtain the photos to protect their secret identities.
25 Eye Of The Storm Storm Everyone A new villain called Storm interrupts an extreme sports event to get revenge on a man that wronged him 10 years ago.
26 League Of Villains Mojo Jojo, Fuzzy Lumpkins, Princess Morbucks, Ace & Poncho Everyone Mojo recruits several villains to assist him on a heist.
27 Musician King Musician King Bubbles A new villain calling himself Musician King uses his hypnotic singing voice to make everyone do as he commands.
28 Scary Stories N/A Everyone The team have a sleepover at Bubbles' House and spend the night telling scary stories. Aside from Boomer's story, the stories told by the team are all based on episodes from the TV Series, 'The Twilight Zone', the episodes they are based on are 'Button, Button', 'Song of the Younger World', 'Nothing in the Dark', 'Joy Ride' and 'To Protect and Serve'.
29 We'll Take This One Mojo Jojo Brick, Boomer & Butch When the girls have to stay in school for a big test, the boys agree to fight monsters on their own while the girls are taking the test.
30 Powerpunk The Powerpunk Girls Everyone When the professor creates a portal to another dimension, he releases the Powerpunk girls to their world.
31 Aquatic Attack Waterhazard Miss Keane Several Jewellry Store robberies are being committed by a water monster with an obsession for Miss Keane.
32 Fear Itself Frightmare Butch When a resteraunt owner notices some scary things happening in his restaurant basement, he asks the Girls and the Boys to investigate, causing the team to come face to face with their worst fears.
33 The Ultimate Darkness Silencio Everyone The team are introduced to the villainous Silencio.
34 Sticks And Stones Misery Bubbles Silencio uses his powers to turn a school bully into a monster who gets stronger by insulting others.
35 Bad To The Bone Bad-Bug Bubbles Silencio's powers create a monster covered in quils who turn people who are pricked by them into tough as nails bullies. Unfortunately, Bubbles is pricked by one of the quils.
36 Ken In Trouble Mojo Jojo Ken Mojo kidnaps Ken and demands a ransom for his safe return.
37 A Brick Divided Evil Brick Brick After a malfunction with the Professor's Molecular Seperator, Brick is divided into 3 seperate people, each one possessing a different part of Brick's personality, one being his heroic side, one being his villainous side and one being his slacker side.
38 Blossom's Bad Day Silencio Blossom & Casey After Blossom's sister gets mad at Blossom, Silencio uses his powers to make all the bad things that Kasey asked for to happen to Blossom.
39 Mojo's Christmas Fruitcake Mojo Jojo Everyone Mojo uses a special fruitcake to make everyone in New Townsville act like jerks.
40 Untitled Christmas Episode Mojo Jojo Bubbles Bubbles is excited for her parents visiting for Christmas.
41 Untitled Princess Morbucks Episode Princess Morbucks ??? TBA
42 Untitled Powerpunk Episode The Powerpunk Girls ??? TBA
43 The Headband Mojo Jojo Blossom Blossom breaks into Mojo's secret lab and steals his newest invention to give to the Professor for research, but when Mojo chases her to get the invention back, Blossom crashes on an island. While, at first, she believes something's wrong, she eventually starts to like the island. When her friends arrive on the island, Blossom knows something's wrong when they all act out of character.
44 Do I Know You? N/A Professor The Professor is asked to be on a game show where he tests what he knows about the girls and the boys, but when he realizes he knows nothing about them, the team get angry at him, Ken hosts a game night to see what the team actually know about eachother.
45 Silence Please Silencio Everyone After doing some research, the Professor figures out the history of Silencio.
46 Ballot Box Boneheads Silencio Mayor When the Mayor runs for re-election, Silencio uses his powers to manipulate the mayor into acting like a crook, making people decide to vote him out of office.
47 Untitled Sedusa Episode Sedusa Blossom, Bubbles, Buttercup, Ivy, Violet & Miss Bellum Sedusa decides to enslave all the males in Townsville, including the Mayor, Ken, The Professor, all the male Villains and even the Rowdyruff Boys. The girls, with some help from Ivy, Violet and Miss Bellum, try to stop Sedusa and free the males.
48 Test Your Luck The Gambler Ken When a new villain known as 'The Gambler', kidnaps the PPG and the RRB, when the Professor, Poochie, The Mayor & Miss Bellum all fail to defeat his games of chance, Ken tries his luck.
49 Boomer's Final Straw Mojo Jojo Boomer Sick and tired of his brothers pranks and jokes, Boomer quits the team.
50 Untitled Waterhazard Episode Waterhazard Miss Keane Waterhazard returns to win back Miss Keane.
51 House and Garden, Part 1 Professor Utonium Clone Everyone After the professor starts working on some experiments involving plants, the Puffs and the Ruffs notice him acting weird.
52 House and Garden, Part 2 Professor Utonium Clone Everyone After the professor's colleague goes missing, the Puffs and the Ruffs are sure there's something wrong with the professor.
53 Amnesia N/A Butch During a brutal fight, Butch is stricken with amnesia and can't remember anything, his brothers, his girlfriend, his friends, even his own name.
54 Arguments Silencio Brick & Blossom Silencio's tricks cause Brick and Blossom to argue and break up.
55 Pure Artistry Silencio Everyone Silencio uses his magic to enchant an artist's canvas, causing whatever he paints to become reality.
56 Untitled Powerpunk Episode The Powerpunk Girls ??? TBA
57 Cirque Du Powerpuff The Gangreen Gang, The Amoeba Boys & Mojo Jojo Everyone The Mayor asks the Powerpuffs and the Rowdyruffs to put on a charity event to help fund the new children's hospital, the team take Boomer's idea of putting together a circus act, with Ken as the ringmaster, Blossom as a juggler, Brick performing a balancing act, Bubbles as a tightrope walker, Boomer as a magician, Buttercup as a lion tamer & Butch as a strongman, however, The Gangreen Gang, The Amoeba Boys & Mojo Jojo all try to sabotauge the performance.
58 What Happened? The Gangreen Gang Everyone When the Professor returns from a science convention, he discovers each of the team in a bunch of weird situations, the team tell him a set of stories about what happened to them.
59 Attack of The Shifter The Shifter Boomer When Boomer sees a building that looks like something from one of his comic books, he decides to investigate and discovers that one of the villains from his favourite comic books has come to life.
60 Untitled Mojo Episode Mojo Jojo ??? TBA
61 The Interview N/A Everyone The team are given TV interviews about what their lives have been like since they became superheroes.
62 The Return of Duchess Duchess Morbucks Princess Morbucks Duchess returns and helps her sister again, but when she realises she doesn't know anything about the Rowdyruff Boys, it's up to them to stop her.
63 Game On! Silencio Boomer When the boys obtain a new video game, Silencio uses his powers to trap Boomer inside the game, and if Boomer doesn't beat the game, he'll be lost forever.
64 Untitled Powerpunk Episode The Powerpunk Girls ??? TBA
65 The Ribbon Tree TBA Blossom When New Townsville's sentimental 'Ribbon Tree' is in danger of being cut down by Blossom's parents, Blossom must learn to stand up to her parents to save the tree.
66 The Life Debt Princess Morbucks Buttercup & Princess Morbucks When Buttercup saves Princess' life, Princess places herself in Buttercup's debt and decides to become Buttercup's friend.
67 Untitled Buttercup and Butch Episode Silencio Buttercup & Butch Buttercup introduces her family to Butch. When they take a liking to him, her father invites him to attend his upcoming wrestling match for the World Championship.
68 ??? TBA ??? TBA
69 Untitled Sedusa Episode Sedusa Annie & Jason When Jason finally asks Annie out on a date, Annie puts on make-up while getting ready and becomes Sedusa once again, who tries to sabotague the date.
70 Untitled Silencio Episode Silencio Everyone Silencio calls out the boys and the girls for a huge fight.
71 Wedding Madness Waterhazard Miss Keane When Miss Keane announces her engagement, Waterhazard steps in to call off the ceremony.
72 ??? N/A ??? TBA
73 Old School N/A Professor The Professor discovers he didn't graduate high school since he failed Math, he is sent to the girls' school to pass a final exit exam.
74 ??? TBA ??? TBA
75 ??? TBA ??? TBA
76 Good vs Evil: The Final Fight Silencio Everyone TBA
77 Broken and Betrayed Silencio Everyone TBA
78 The Ultimate Battle Silencio Everyone TBA

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