Pokey Oaks Kindergarten is a solely kindergarten school that the Powerpuff Girls attend in Pokey Oaks North. So far we know that the only teacher there is Ms. Keane who teaches basic Kindergarten skills to her students.


Recurring StudentsEdit

  • The Powerpuff Girls
  • Princess Morbucks
  • Mary: An overweight girl with a nasal voice. She has a shy personality and wears a flowered dress.
  • Elmer Sglue: A classmate of the Girls who is constantly made fun of for eating paste. He wears thick glasses and a smear of paste around his lips, and he has a very timid voice.
  • Mitchell Mitchelson : A typical "bad" boy that frequently wears black and is always acting out in class.
  • Harry Pitt : This boy is always seen playing in soil or doing other miscellaneous things that get him dirty.
  • Nina Keane
  • Bucky

One-Time StudentsEdit

  • Mike Believe : A new student at Pokey Oaks Kindergarten. He has light brown hair and a grey T-shirt with an black O on it and he first appeared in the episode "Imaginary Fiend," he was a shy and somewhat lonely kid that's until he unknowingly created an imaginary friend name Patches who later causes trouble in the class and Mike gets blame for it.

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