Powerpuff girls 2 (Title card)

Title card

This is the 14th and NOT final season of the Powerpuff girls. This is the first season to teach basic math skills such as counting, shapes, addition, subtraction, and numbers themselves, and teaches colors, and to be a musical and invites viewers to fight the villains with The Powerpuff girls. At the end of the first part of every show (2 episodes per show) there's a number of the day skit with the powerpuff girls ranging from 1-20. Not referring to each numeral at first, most episodes only stop at 3, 6, 7, 11, 13, 15, 18, or 19. There are some that do stop at one of the rest though but that is a bit rare. At the end of the second half of the show, there's a song about todays color as well along with a sing along segment of all of the songs numbered from the show. Obviously this is a mixture of Elmo the musical from Sesame Street, Babyfirst television's Color Crew, The Alvin Show, Counting with Paula and of course the Powerpuff girls.
Episode number Episode title Show A Number of the day Show B Today's color song Sing along (Number of songs)
1 Ocean the musical Where's the water? 7 (7 narwhals and 7 clams) Pirate's treasure Blue 2
2 Cowgirl hoedown The thirteen blue cacti 13 (13 blue cacti and 13 cows) Odd dude ranchet 1 3 5. Turquoise 4
3 A day in the jungle The golden octagon of destiny 3 (3 octagons and 3 elephants) Turtles Turtles, please come back! Green 3
4 Pirate treasure The 3 pirates 19 (19 pirate hats and 19 blue gems) Yo ho ho, count by 3. Grey 4
5 The tea party The six golden tea leaves 6 (6 gold leaves and 6 tea cups) One tea cup, Two tea cup, Three tea cup, more. Magenta 2

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