Level 1: Mommy Fearest (Boss: Sedusa)

Level 2: Buttercrush (Boss: Ace)

Level 3: Fuzzy Logic (Boss: Fuzzy Lumpkins)

Level 4: Bubblevicious (Boss: Bubbles)

Level 5: The Rowdyruff Boys (Boss: The Rowdyruff Boys)

Level 6: Uh Oh Dynamo (Boss: D.Y.N.A.M.O.)

Level 7: Stick Up Up & Away (Boss: Princess)

Level 8: A Very Special Blossom (Boss: Blossom)

Level 9: Speed Demon (Boss: Him)

Level 10: Super Zeroes (Boss: Liberty Bell, Harmony Bunny & Mange)

Level 11: Candy is Dandy (Boss: The Powerpuff Girls)

Level 12: Hot Air Buffoon (Boss: The Mayor)

Level 13: Moral Decay (Boss: Buttercup)

Level 14: Film Flam (Boss: Bernie Bernstein)

Level 15: Members Only (Boss: Masumax)

Level 16: Knock It Off (Boss: Dick Hardly)

Level 17: Nano of the North (Boss: Monobot)

Level 18: Forced Kin (Boss: Galactus)

Level 19: See Me, Feel Me, Gnomey (Boss: Gnome)

Level 20: A Made Up Story (Boss: Mask Scara)

Level 21: The Powerpuff Girls Rule (Boss: Mojo Jojo)

Level 22: Dance Pants R-EVIL-ution (Boss: Fibonacci Seqquins)

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