NARRATOR: The city of Townsville! A community that possesses the latest in technological conveniences.

Magnetic Lev-o-Trains, people with cell phones, people at computers accessing the Internet are all seen.

NARRATOR: Though despite this, the people of Townsville love the simple things in life.

A man is at a lake in Townsville Park holding a fishing pole.

NARRATOR: Such as fishing...

A group of children on rollerblading

NARRATOR: Skating...

A young woman is riding a bicycle through the same park

NARRATOR: Bike riding...

A pair of men are inside the bank and filling a bag of money. They have evil grins on their faces.

NARRATOR: Bank robbing....BANK ROBBING!!

The two men are wearing solid white outfits with black patches on the elbows, knees, ankles, wrists, and collar all of which are interconnected by a black lines. They wear white hoods and dark sunglasses. One of the men is tall and lanky, with a skinny body while the other one is a large, husky man with big arms and legs.

SKINNY ROBBER (in a high, nasal voice): Come on. Let's go before they get here.

HUSKY ROBBER (in a low, nasal voice): Yeah.

They run away from the Bank of Townsville with great speed followed by pink, blue, and green streaks of light.

NARRATOR: If the "they" they mean is the Powerpuff Girls, then there they are now. Their greatest pleasure: stopping bank robbing.

The Powerpuff Girls, BLOSSOM, BUBBLES, and BUTTERCUP, chase after the two criminals and with little effort catch up to them.

BLOSSOM: Stop right there!


BUBBLES: You are!

The two stop and in the middle of a street and look at the Powerpuffs.

SKINNY ROBBER: Welly welly well, lookee here. These little girls are ready to fight us.

HUSKY ROBBER: Hee hee hee. Why don'cha run back home to daddy, runts. You won't stop us.

BUTTERCUP: All right! New meat. It's been a long time since somebody didn't know who we were.

SKINNY ROBBER: Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup Utonium. The Powerpuff Girls.

The Girls look surprised.

HUSKY ROBBER: We know exactly who you are. You're still not going to stop us.

BLOSSOM: We'll see about that.

The Girls charge the crooks at full speed and each of them throws a punch toward one of the criminals. When their hands come in contact with the criminals' bodies the Girls are suddenly thrown back onto the street.

BUBBLES (getting up from the ground): What happened?

BUTTERCUP: It's like they had some kinda barrier.

BLOSSOM: Forget that, use your eye beams!

The Girls each fire their eye beams at the robbers. The crooks extend their right arms and the Girls six beams split apart, three going to the skinny robber, three to the husky robber. The beams hit the black circles on the right wrist of their target robber's uniform but seem to have no affect on them.

A red glow is seen along the black line on their arms that goes along their back and enters their left arms. The robbers holds up their left arms and violet beams fire from the circles on their left wrists. The beams hit the road just in front of the Girls. The explosion knocks the Powerpuffs back a few dozen yards.

BUTTERCUP: What the heck was that!?

BUBBLES: They sucked up our beams an' fired 'em back!

BLOSSOM: Let me try something.

Blossom takes a deep breath and lets loose her ice breath. The robbers touch a spot on their belts and they begin to glow a deep red. Blossom's breath dissipates just inches away from them.

BLOSSOM: What is going on!?

BUBBLES: It's like they know everything we can do.

BUTTERCUP: And have some way to counterattack.

BLOSSOM: Try another charge, maybe we can catch them off-guard.

They fly toward the robbers again. But the skinny robber pulls a small bug-sized device from his pocket and throws it to the ground. A blue dome of light grows from the device. When the Girls fly into the dome, they suddenly fall right to the ground.

SKINNY ROBBER: Like my friend told you, you won't stop us.


The two robbers run off with their money laughing their heads off. The girls, in the light dome, are lying face-down in the street not getting up.

BUBBLES: I can't get up! I feel like I way a ton.

BUTTERCUP: A ton we can handle. This must be a hundred tons.

BLOSSOM: This device must somehow increase our weight.

Buttercup very slowly manages to push herself up and lift her head. She looks at the device in the center of the dome and hits it with her eye beams. The dome-generator is destroyed in a small explosion and the dome fades. Buttercup, Blossom, and Bubbles easily get up.

BUBBLES: Thanks, Buttercup.

BUTTERCUP: No problem.

Blossom walks over and picks up the remains of the machine in her hands.

BLOSSOM: It looks like Buttercup did some real damage to this thing. But maybe it can still give us a clue as to who these guys are. Let's take it to the Professor.

Buttercup and Bubbles nod in agreement and the Powerpuff Girls fly off to their home.


The Girls are sitting behind PROFESSOR UTONIUM, looking very bored as they do so. The Professor himself is sitting at a table in his laboratory looking at the device the two robbers used to escape. After fifteen minutes the Professor turns to the Girls.

UTONIUM: Girls, I think I've figured out a little about this machine. Buttercup did do some damage, but it was almost all structural and many of the internal systems were intact.

BLOSSOM: That's good. What is it?

UTONIUM: From what I can deduce. This device has the ability to enhance the gravity in a concentrated zone to an incredible extent.


BLOSSOM: It can make stuff around it really, really heavy.


BUTTERCUP: How heavy did it make us.

UTONIUM: According to this, it made you roughly three thousand times your original weight.

BUTTERCUP: So if we started out at thirty-five pounds...

She beings to think very hard about how much that made her weigh.

BLOSSOM: That's 105,000 pounds!

BUBBLES: That's a lot! I don't think even we can lift that!

UTONIUM: You can't. The highest you and Blossom have even been able to lift is ninety thousand. Buttercup's managed a hundred two thousand. But that's her limit. Based on this and what else you told me about your fight. I'd say you're dealing with people who have very good knowledge of you and your abilities.

BUBBLES: So everything we can do they know about?

BLOSSOM (with a glint in their eye): Not necessarily... Buttercup, have you ever shown anybody your arm beam attack?

BUTTERCUP: No, I don't think I have. But what difference does it make? You saw what they did with our eye beams.

BLOSSOM: Yeah, but perhaps we can catch them off-guard with it. Even if they can absorb it like they can our eye beams they won't see it coming.

BUTTERCUP: Hey, good point.

BLOSSOM: And nobody but you two ever saw me breathe fire.

BUBBLES: An' only Mojo an' Princess saw me use my thunderclap.

BLOSSOM: See we can win! Next time they rob a bank we'll be ready for them.

BUTTERCUP: We'll make 'em pay for embarrassin’' us like that!

UTONIUM (a hint of pride in his voice): That's the spirit Girls! You just have to find ways around their preparations. I know you can do it.

BUBBLES: But we may not see them again for a while. They got away with all the money in the bank.

UTONIUM: Not exactly. They only left with 258 dollars.

BUBBLES: Really?


BLOSSOM: Maybe...but this means that we'll definitely be seeing them again. Since they'll probably rob another bank to get more cash.

BUBBLES: But we don't know when that'll be.

BLOSSOM: We'll just have to go "business as usual" until the Mayor calls us again.


The MAYOR is sitting at his desk, drawing on a bill, when MS. SARA BELLUM enters his office.

MS. BELLUM: Mayor! I just heard from the Chief of Police! He said that the 3rd Street Bank of Townsville is being robbed. We have to call the Girls right away!

MAYOR: Wasn't the Bank of Townsville robbed just yesterday?

MS. BELLUM: That was the 8th Street Bank of Townsville. This is the 3rd Street bank.

MAYOR: Then aren't they going in the wrong order? I don't know a lot of that mathemitishical stuff but I'm almost fairly sure 3 comes right before 8, not after.

MS. BELLUM: That's not the point right now Mayor! We need the Girls!

MAYOR: You're absolutely right!

The Mayor runs up to the Powerpuff Hotline, picks it up, and starts talking.

MAYOR (into the phone): The 3rd Street Bank of Townsville is being robbed! (pause) Uh-huh. (pause) Uh-huh. (pause) Really? (pause) Hmmm.... (to Ms. Bellum) Um, Ms. Bellum, do you like pepperoni?

MS. BELLUM (confused): Um....yes...why do you ask?

MAYOR: Yes. (pause) Okay. (pause) Wonderful. See you in 30 minutes. Bye.

The Mayor walks back to his desk and resumes his drawing. Ms. Bellum just looks at the Mayor wondering what just happened. She walks over to the Powerpuff Hotline and picks it up herself.

MS. BELLUM: Girls? What's going on? Don't come here! Go to the bank!

VOICE ON OTHER END:'am, I think you have a wrong number. This is Tumbling Block Pizza. If you're interested, we have a great deal goin' on right now. Fifteen pizzas for the price of twenty. Your choice of toppings.

Ms. Bellum hangs up the phone in irritation and goes to the phone on the Mayor's desk. She dials a the phone number of the Utonium home.


The Powerpuff Girls are sitting on the couch watching Blarney, the Singing Sea Serpent when the phone rings. The Girls just stare at each other for about five seconds before charging at the phone and engaging in a one-on-one-on-one wrestling match. The Girls are shouting in the scuffle.

BUBBLES: I'll get it!

BLOSSOM: No! I'll get it!

BUTTERCUP: You always get the Hotline! I got this one!




BUTTERCUP: No I'm gonna get it!

BUBBLES: No I wanna get it!


Before the Girls can go any further with their argument, the Professor walks up and answers the phone.

PROFESSOR (in the phone): Hello?

The Girls break up their fighting and look at the Professor with disappointed looks in their eyes.

BUBBLES (sadly): I never get to get it.

PROFESSOR: Really? Well, thank you, Ms. Bellum. I'll let them know. (he hangs up the phone and faces the Girls) Girls, those robbers are back. They're robbing the 3rd Street Bank of Townsville as I speak.

BLOSSOM: Why didn't Ms. Bellum just call us on the Hotline?

BUTTERCUP: Forget that! Let's get those crooks.

The Girls blast out of the house, through the ceiling, and head towards the city.


A young woman in a business suit, clearly a news reporter, stands in front of a camera, held by a cameraman, as she reports live from the bank.

REPORTER: This is Connie D'Sendin at the Third Street Bank of Townsville. It has just been robbed by a pair of criminals who have been dubbed by their victims, the Tech Boys. Called so because they unlocked the bank's vault with a small machine which decoded and opened the mechanical lock of the vault and because of their victory over the Powerpuff Girls the previous day with similar technological devices. Speaking of the Powerpuff Girls they were nowhere in sight during this crime. Were they too humiliated by their loss to show up? Or were they perhaps too scared to face these masterminds again?

VOICE OFF TO THE SIDE: We just found out about the crime 5 minutes ago.

The Powerpuff Girls are standing in the doorway of the bank. Blossom looking angry about D'Sendin's accusations.

D'SENDIN: Well it seems the Powerpuff Girls are victims of nothing more than a slow communications loop. Or so they say.

BLOSSOM (to a security guard, ignoring D'sendin): What happened here?

GUARD: It was the Tech Boys!

BUBBLES: The Tech Boys?

GUARD: It's what everyone's callin' 'em. They came in here, took a little calculator-looking thingamajigger. And put it on that big metal thing that keeps the money safe...

BUTTERCUP: The vault door?

GUARD: Yeah, the door-whatsitz. They put it on the thing that keeps the door shut...that lockathingie. I tried pulling out do you call it...that thing I wear that goes is it...

BLOSSOM (irritated): Your gun?

GUARD: Yeah! My gun! I pointed my gun at them, and they held out their hands and the gun just leapt from my hand to theirs like they were holding some kind of maggie.


BLOSSOM: You mean magnet.

GUARD: Sure whatever. Anyway, them Tech Boys opened the vault and made off with a whole 258 bucks...

BUTTERCUP: Two-hundred fifty-eight dollars?

BUBBLES: Just like last time.

BLOSSOM: That number must have some kind of significance. But what...?

BUBBLES: Maybe the Mayor knows something.

Buttercup and Blossom just stare at Bubbles.

BUBBLES: Maybe Ms. Bellum knows something.

BLOSSOM: Good idea, Bubbles. Let's go to the Mayor's office.

D'SENDIN: And so here we are. With a new pair of supervillains terrorizing Townsville's time-honored banking system and the Powerpuff Girls unable to do anything to prevent their actions. Leaving them to the point where they are nearly ready to go to the Mayor of all people for useful information. Will these new villains, these Tech Boys, be the foes tha finally conquer the Powerpuff Girls? Will these new evildoers put all of Townsville's veteran supervillains to shame their first time out? This is Connie D'Sendin reporting.

The Girls leave through the ceiling and head towards City Hall. None of them looking to happy.


The Girls enter the Mayor's office and are surprised at the sight of over a dozen pizza boxes scattered throughout the office. The Mayor is feasting on a slice of pizza from a box that is on his desk. Ms. Bellum is looking on.

MAYOR: I just love it when the pizza gets here early.

MS. BELLUM (in frustration): *sigh* (noticing the Girls) Oh, Girls. You're here, how did it go at the bank?

BUTTERCUP: It didn't.

BLOSSOM: They were gone before we got there.

BUBBLES: An' there was this reporter sayin' mean stuff 'bout how we were scared an' we weren't!

MS. BELLUM: D'Sendin. She's just a big pain in the...nevermind. How much did the crooks get away with?

BUTTERCUP: 258 bucks.

MS. BELLUM (surprised): That's it?

BLOSSOM: Yeah. And that's the exact same amount they took from the last bank.

MS. BELLUM: Strange. What could these crooks...

BUBBLES (interrupting): Ms. D'Sendin called 'em the Tech Boys.

MS. BELLUM: Okay...the Tech Boys. We have to figure out what they're up to. You say they stole the same amount of money from both banks they've robbed. And both times they robbed a Bank of Townsville. What's the connection?

BUTTERCUP: Both times they made us look really dumb.

BLOSSOM: I doubt that second time was intentional.

MS. BELLUM: Well, there's nothing we can do until they show up again. They haven't left enough clues.

BLOSSOM: Yeah, all we can do now is wait until you call us again. Speaking of which. Ms. Bellum, why'd you call us on our phone? Why didn't you just use the Hotline.

MS. BELLUM: Something is wrong with the Hotline phone here. Instead of your hotline phone we got a pizza parlor. We're having it looked into, and I just hope we can fix it before the city of Townsville is left in debt to Tumbling Block Pizza. (gestures to the Mayor, who is happily chewing on his pizza) Until we can find what's wrong, we'll just have to use your phone.

BLOSSOM (smug look on her face): Guess that means I get to answer the phone for awhile then.

BUTTERCUP: Oh, no! That phone is fair game. Just like always.

BUBBLES: Yeah! You always get the Hotline so we all get a fair shot at the reg'lar phone.

BLOSSOM (with a huff): Fine.

MS. BELLUM: The Mayor or I will call you on your home phone if you need us until our hotline works.


The Girls fly back home.


The Girls are flying back to their home.

BUBBLES: This is getting kinda strange.

BUTTERCUP: No kiddin'. Why take so little money from a bank with millions in it's vaults?

BLOSSOM: Especially with last time when they had plenty of time to get away before we arrived. Maybe they are deliberately making us look silly.

An alarm bell suddenly hits the Girls super hearing.

BLOSSOM: And we might be able to get our answer right now.

The Girls fly down to the source of the alarm and find themselves in front of the Genndy Street Bank of Townsville.

BUTTERCUP: Bank of Townsville again...

BLOSSOM: It's the Tech Boys for certain. Let's go!

The Girls bust into the bank and find the Tech Boys, in the same white bodysuits, ordering the teller to take the money from the vault.

BLOSSOM: Stop right there!



The two criminals look up at the Girls and smile a sinister smile.

HUSKY TECH BOY: I see you've heard Connie D'Sendin's little nickname for us.

SKINNY TECH BOY: We were planning on being a nameless terror to this town. But with how intrusive the media is nowadays, I guess some kind of moniker was inevitable.

BUTTERCUP: You aren't gettin' your two hundred fifty-eight smackers this time. You'll just be getting two hundred fifty-eight smacks.

HUSKY TECH BOY: Gee, how creative.

SKINNY TECH BOY: Well, at least they figured out our pattern. I thought we'd have to rob at least one more bank before they figured it out.

BUTTERCUP: Okay that's it! I hate being ignored!

She pulls her hands to her sides and they begin to glow in a green light. She puts her hands in front of her and green beams at the two criminals. The Tech Boys watch it come without moving. Before the beam hits them they each hold up their arm and the two green beams are suddenly reflected back at the Girls. Buttercup and Bubbles manage to move out of the way, but Blossom is hit head on by the reflected green lasers. She is knocked back through the bank's doors.

BUBBLES: Blossom!

BUTTERCUP: That's it!

Buttercup charges the Techs again. But just like last time, she is suddenly knocked away by some kind of deflector. As she hits the floor the Skinny Tech Boy runs up and kicks Buttercup while she's down. Blossom comes back into the bank and sees the merciless act.

HUSKY TECH BOY: Nice kick.

SKINNY TECH BOY: Heh heh, thanks.

They give each other a high-five. As Blossom looks on she suddenly gets a glint in her eye as if she has an idea. Blossom charges the Tech Boys, punching them and landing several hits. Their deflectors seemingly doing nothing to stop her. She lands dozens of hits before backing off towards her sisters. Buttercup has recovered from her own attack and looks at Blossom. The Techs begin staggering slightly and go down to their knees. The people inside the bank begin to cheer the Girls.

BUTTERCUP: What was that, Blossom? How'd you hit them?

BLOSSOM: We kept charging them at top speed. But when I saw them high-five each other I suddenly realized that the shield's repelling power in direct variation to the amount of kinetic energy placed into it.


BLOSSOM: Fast stuff is knocked away, slow stuff gets in.


BLOSSOM: I gave them numerous slow punches. They normally wouldn't do much but I used so many of them they had to have felt something.

As if in response, the Husky Tech Boy groans.

BUTTERCUP: Let's keep the pressure on!


Bubbles looks at the Tech Boys and claps her hands together. It causes powerful sound waves to come from her hands which hit the Tech Boys, knocking them into the bank wall. Buttercup follows Blossom's strategy, attacking the Tech Boys with dozens of slow, weak punches and kicks. Blossom waits for her sisters to finish their attacks. When Buttercup and Bubbles finally break away, Blossom inhales deeply and shoots a stream of fire from her mouth. The flames engulf the Tech Boys. However, when the flames die out, the Tech Boys are glowing in a blue light seemingly unaffected by the fire they had been covered in just moments ago.

HUSKY TECH BOY: I guess we have to use it.

SKINNY TECH BOY: Yeah, I didn't think we'd have to do this so soon. But if they're figuring out our moves...

The Tech Boys cross their arms across their chests. At the same time the black lines on their uniforms begin to glow in a purple hue. A bright flash suddenly engulfs the entire bank. When it fades everyone has covered their eyes, including the Powerpuff Girls. The Girls uncover their eyes and smile at the two crooks.

BLOSSOM: Hah! Nice try, but we can still see just fine. Okay, Girls, let's get 'em.

The Girls take to the air to fight the Tech Boys. Or try to. They quickly fall to the ground as if they had done nothing more than jump. As they get up, the Tech Boys begin to laugh.

HUSKY TECH BOY (in a patronizing tone): What's the matter, little girls? Did your superpowers go bye-bye?

SKINNY TECH BOY: That flash wasn't meant to blind you. The light is a very special radiation. It disables the affects of Chemical X. So it disables all of your powers. Fortunately for you, however, it only lasts about half an hour. Though that's plenty of time to take our two hundred fifty-eight smackers and get away.

The Tech Boys run away laughing. The Girls are left stunned as they try to use their various powers. Buttercup tries her eye beams but only gives the appearance that she is squinting at a potted plant. Bubbles tries punching out a wall and only hurts her hand. Blossom tries to fly a few more times but appears to just be jumping up and down in the air. The crowd watches in shock as their city's heroes begin to get upset at this new development. Blossom looks up at the crowd.

BLOSSOM (in a voice barely above a whisper): Um...does anybody have a phone? We need to call the Professor for a ride home.


Buttercup is lying on her back on the bed looking over the side while Blossom paces around the room. Bubbles is just staring at the Powerpuff Hotline in their room and appears to be considering something.

BUTTERCUP: Well...that was just plain humiliating.

BLOSSOM: No kidding. I never knew something like that was possi...woah!

Blossom suddenly begins floating up into the air.

BLOSSOM: I guess this means that the half hour is up.

BUTTERCUP: That's good. I was starting to wonder...

Bubbles appears to not be paying attention to the other two. She picks up the Powerpuff Hotline phone and begins to listen to it.

BUTTERCUP: Bubbles what are you doing?

BUBBLES: I'm hungry, so I'm gonna see if our hotline phone is getting pizza too. Now be quiet, it's ringing.

BUTTERCUP (curious): Well, who are you getting?

BUBBLES (holds the phone up): Here, listen.

The Girls use their super hearing to listen to the voice on the other end of the Hotline.

VOICE: Welcome to MovieLine! If you want information regarding showtimes at the movie theater closest to your home, press "one" now.

Bubbles stares at the Hotline cradle for a few seconds before speaking into the phone.

BUBBLES: Um...Mister, there's no "one" on our phone.

VOICE (ignoring Bubbles): For information regarding reviews to recently released movies, press "two" now.

BUBBLES: There's no "two" either.

BUTTERCUP: Just hang up, Bubbles!

BUBBLES: That would be rude.

BLOSSOM: It's probably just a recording, anyway.

Bubbles shrugs, hangs up the phone and sits on the floor, watching Blossom float around the room.

BLOSSOM: We need to try and learn something about these guys. Something that might give us a clue to their real identities.

BUTTERCUP: Yeah, but we don't have anything useful to go on.

BUBBLES: Except that they stole the same...

BLOSSOM (interrupting): We know, Bubbles. But that doesn't give us any solid leads. These guys are dangerous. Especially when you consider the way they fought us. Even the Professor said that those crooks knew a lot about us. And our last fight confirmed just that.

BUTTERCUP: Hey! There can't be too many people with that kind of knowledge, can there?

BLOSSOM (stopping): You're right!

Buttercup turns around on her stomach so she can look at Blossom right-side up.

BLOSSOM: There aren't that many people who know that much about the Powerpuff Girls. And there's only one person who might know who those people are and give us the vital clue that we need.


BLOSSOM: No time to explain. We gotta get to Townsville Prison right now.

The Girls head off to the outskirts of town towards the prison.


The Powerpuff Girls are sitting on one side of a glass partition awaiting the person they have come to visit.

BUTTERCUP: I can't believe we're doing this.

BLOSSOM: Unless you have any better ideas this is our best shot at getting some idea on who the Tech Boys are.

A prison guard comes through a door on the other side of the glass partition. He leaves the door open and prepares to usher in a prisoner.

GUARD: Prisoner number 769377833, Leonard Nemoi Baxter. Come see your visitor.

BLOSSOM: Now remember, let me do the talking.

A man in a prison uniform enters the room. He is rather fat, balding, and wearing small-lensed glasses. What hair he has is tied in a ponytail on the back of his head and he has a goatee. This man is LENNY BAXTER. He was once able to capture the Powerpuff Girls to add them to his collection, only to have them released when the Professor and children of Townsville ruined several pieces of the collection Lenny cherished.

BLOSSOM: Hello, Lenny. We have to talk.

LENNY: Well, of course. Why else would you be here visiting me, the biggest fan you have ever had?

BUTTERCUP (sarcastically): You got that right.

LENNY: I take it that this is in regards to the (with disgust) Tech Boys. What a sorry name for a pair of supervillains. It sounds like someone you would call to fix your computer. Fuzzy Lumpkins is a more intimidating name.

BLOSSOM: Mmmm...yeah...this is about them. We need to find out who they are.

LENNY: And you expect me to do what? Ask the other prisoners, "Hey, who here wants to destroy the Powerpuff Girls?"

BLOSSOM: No, we need some information that could lead to finding out who they are. Information you most likely have. Not too many people know as much about us as these guys seem to. And if anyone knows who has that kind of knowledge it would be our biggest fan.

LENNY: You use your logic well. But give me one good reason why I should tell you anything. It is because of that Professor of yours I'm in here.

BLOSSOM: Two words: your collection.

LENNY (a little surprised but trying to hide it): Go on.

BLOSSOM: We've had two encounters with the Tech Boys, three if you include the bank robbery we were late for. And after the last time I think that they are not out to kill us. Since they've had two very good chances. Buttercup mentioned something earlier about them trying to make us look dumb. I didn't think much about it at the time but now I believe she may be right.

LENNY (getting impatient): And what does this have to do with my collection. After all, it was confiscated when I was arrested. Now, would you please get to the point of this nonsense.

BLOSSOM: True, but no collector would be stupid enough to keep all of his stuff in his home, where all sorts of things can happen to it. My guess, is that you've got some of our best products stashed away someplace. Buried somewhere or in some kinda safe deposit box, most likely. My point, Lenny, is that if the Tech Boys continue to do what they seem to be doing, humiliating us, then Townsville will lose faith in us. If Townsville loses faith in us, they won't rely on us anymore to be superheroes. If we're not superheroes, then the worth of even the most valuable piece of your collection would be less then the combined IQ of all three Amoeba Boys. You would have nothing. All of the months collecting, wasted. All of your work, pointless. And I know you wouldn't want to deal with that.

Lenny stares wide-eyed at Blossom, unable to respond.

BUTTERCUP (to Blossom): I think you gave 'im a heart-attack.


LENNY (trying to regain his composure): You make a good argument, Blossom. I am inclined to tell you everything you wish to know. However, due to my newfound loyalty to the anti-Powerpuff community, I can only give you two names. Gilbert and Louis.

BLOSSOM: Thank you, Lenny. I appreciate the help.


Blossom is sitting at the computer in the Professor's lab as Bubbles looks through books. Buttercup watches a television set.

BLOSSOM (not looking away from the computer screen): Anything yet, Girls?

BUBBLES: I found something about a Jasper Louis Gilbert, but he died in 1930.

BUTTERCUP: Just some more of that stupid D'Sendin.

Blossom looks over at Buttercup, slightly confused. Her eyes widen in surprise when she sees the TV.

BLOSSOM: Buttercup! Did you move the TV in here?

BUTTERCUP: You guys were doin' all the research an' I got bored. So I thought I'd watch TV.

BUBBLES: Hey, it's that D'Sendin lady.

BUTTERCUP (irritated): I just said that. I'll turn it off now.

BLOSSOM: Wait, maybe she'll say something useful.

All three Powerpuffs drop what they're doing to watch the TV.

D'SENDIN: This is Connie D'Sendin, standing in front of the Genndy Street Bank of Townsville which has been the third victim of the bank robbing Tech Boys. This is also the location of the Powerpuff Girls third humiliating loss to the same Tech Boys. The criminal duo was able to debilitate the Girls by removing their super powers long enough for them to get away. The Girls were forced to call their for a ride home. In an attempt to learn more about these villains, capable of defeating the Powerpuff Girls the city holds so dear, this reporter has been spoken to one of Townsville's most feared villains, Mojo Jojo.

The television cuts to Townsville Park Volcanotop Observatory, where a camera is focused on MOJO JOJO sitting in front of a microphone. The bottom-left hand corner of the screen reads "Recorded Earlier".

MOJO JOJO: These Tech Boys do not deserve to defeat the Powerpuff Girls! I have strived for many a month, perhaps even many a year, I have lost count. All of my struggles against the Powerpuff Girls will have been for nothing if these...these...first timers defeat them first. Such a waste of the work of Mojo Jojo will not be tolerated. I will not allow these boys to make everything I have gone through for naught. I would not be as angry if it were HIM, Fuzzy Lumpkins, or even Sedusa who defeated the Powerpuff Girls. They have fought and lost to them just as I have and deserve to have a victory over the Powerpuff Girls just as much as I, Mojo Jojo, do. For they have suffered every bit as much as I myself have.

MOJO JOJO (after taking a breath): But these Tech Boys have never been heard of before now. They are unknown, unheard of. They have not been defeated by the Powerpuff Girls before and they do not deserve the right to defeat them. If the Powerpuff Girls are to be defeated, it will be my ME, Moooooojo Jojo! Or if not by me, Moooooojo Jojo, by another of Townsville's regular supervillains. And what really angers me, what really furrows my brow, what really ticks me off! Is that I had developed a radiation capable of disabling Chemical X. And now, because of the Tech Boys, I can not use it because if I used the Anti Chemical X Radiation I would be nothing more than a copy-cat of the Tech Boys. I would be ridiculed because all will believe they came up with that brilliant idea before I, Moooooojo Jojo, devised it. These upstarts...

The scene suddenly switches back to the bank and D'Sendin.

D'SENDIN: I apologize for the sudden cut, but we ran out of tape. But as you see, even Townsville's lowest are up in arms over the Tech Boys abilities. What will this all lead up to? Will the Powerpuff Girls be beaten by these two, less than genial geniuses. We'll find out, as the Tech Boys continue their crime wave until the Powerpuff Girls defeat them? Or is that task beyond even the Powerpuff Girls' abilities.

Buttercup shuts off the TV in disgust.

BLOSSOM: Okay, so maybe I was wrong.

BUTTERCUP: She's gettin' on my nerves.

BLOSSOM: She's blowing this whole thing out of preportion.


BLOSSOM: Forget her. Let's get back to our research. (she turns back to the computer) Hey, Girls, look at this! A news article from Townsville High's online newspaper, the "Townie School Gazette". It's dated about three months ago.

Bubbles and Buttercup go to the computer and look at a news article that Blossom has found. The headline reads "Science Fair Ends in Big Upset". Under the headline is a picture of two very depressed looking young men. One is very skinny, wearing thick glasses and with dark black hair. The other is very husky, also wearing glasses, with long brown hair.

BUBBLES (picturing these two in the Tech Boys' outfits): That's them!

BLOSSOM (reading): The Annual Townsville High School Science Fair experienced a big surprise this week when local geniuses, Cyrus Louis and Vincent Gilbert, lost first prize to foreign exchange student Ismada Denyuu and her Ultrasonic Vocality Converter. The two boys, in fact, didn't have an invention for the fair at all. They claimed that their machine, the Automatic Stalwart Weather Resistant Barrier Applicator and Enhancer, was destroyed by the Powerpuff Girls while in the process of chasing of a criminal. The inventors were laughed out of the Science Fair, when asked for a comment they blamed their loss solely on the Powerpuff Girls and vowed to take revenge.

BUTTERCUP: If that's them, then that definitely explains why they're after us.

BLOSSOM: I don't know, I find it hard to believe that two complete strangers would hate us just because we accidentally destroyed a project of theirs.

BUBBLES: It's kinda sad, really.

BUTTERCUP: The thing that's really sad is that's still a better reason than the Smiths had.

Upstairs, the phone begins to ring. The Girls look at each other for a few seconds before blasting at full speed up the stairs and once again begin to fight over the phone. The Professor walks by the Girls without paying any mind to the fighting, as if it were a common occurrence. He walks down the stairs and suddenly yells out.

UTONIUM (from the basement): How did the TV get in here!

The Girls break up their fight for a second when they hear the Professor. They all have a guilty look on their faces. Bubbles is the first to recover and grabs the phone before her sisters can stop her.

BUBBLES (sweetly into the phone): Hello, Utonium residence.

BUTTERCUP (banging the floor with her fist): Dangit!

BLOSSOM (dissappointed): Ah, man!

BUBBLES: Uh huh...uh huh...okay, Ms. Bellum. Bye. (hangs up the phone, turns to her sisters) The Tech Boys are back. They're at McCracken Road's Bank of Townsville this time.

BLOSSOM: Again with the Bank of Townsville? What is going on?

BUTTERCUP: Forget what's going on, let's go!


The Powerpuff Girls are flying towards the bank. Bubbles has a big smile on her face and Buttercup has an irritated look on hers.

BUTTERCUP (to Bubbles): Okay, okay! So you finally answered the phone! Big whoop! Will you just wipe that stupid smile off your face!

Blossom begins to slow down and break off from the formation.

BUTTERCUP: Blossom! Where are you going?

BLOSSOM: I gotta do something!

BUBBLES: You shoulda taken care of that before we left!

BLOSSOM: No! I have an idea! But I need you two to keep the Tech Boys from getting away until I can get back.

BUTTERCUP (confused): Um...okay. Let's go Bubbles!


The Tech Boys, now known to be CYRUS LOUIS and VINCENT GILBERT, are counting their money once again. The Skinny Tech Boy (Cyrus) suddenly stops counting and looks at the Husky Tech Boy (Vincent). They look at each other for a moment and nod in agreement.

CYRUS (to the teller): Hey, take this (hands the teller two dollars). We have what we came here for and we don't need any more.

At that moment, Bubbles and Buttercup bust through the bank doors.

BUBBLES: Not so fast, Tech Boys!

BUTTERCUP: Or can we just call you Cy and Vince now?

The Tech Boys step back a little in surprise.

BUTTERCUP: Yeah, we know who you are.

CYRUS: Too bad it won't help you.

VINCENT: Yeah, especially since it's just the two of you here. At least your sister realized it was a waste of time fighting us.

BUBBLES: Blossom didn' run away!

CYRUS: We don't really care, one way or the other. We'll get to her. But first, to start with you. My dear Vincent, if you will please do the honors.

VINCENT: With pleasure. (to the Girls) We aren't in the mood for a fight like this time. So we'll just end this real quick.

Vincent holds out his arm and opens his hand, revealing what appears to be a small bead in the palm of his hand. A bright purple beam suddenly leaps out from the bead, striking Bubbles in the stomach. Bubbles doubles over clutching her belly.


CYRUS: Heh heh heh, your turn, tough girl.

Cyrus fires a beam from a similar bead in his own hand. It hits Buttercup right between the eyes, knocking her onto her back. Both Girls shortly lose consciousness, the Tech Boys laugh, congratulating each other on their victory.


Buttercup begins to slowly open her eyes. With a groan she finally regains consciousness. When her vision clears she examines her surroundings. She is strapped to a wall in seemingly powerful chains. Bubbles is in a similar situation, and Buttercup spies a third set of chains, empty. Bubbles lets out a small whimper before waking up herself. Upon further inspection, Buttercup sees a desk with a computer on it next to a wall to her right with a very comfortable looking chair in front of it. Around her are posters for various comic book and science fiction series. On the wall in front of her is a door that seems to go to a closet. On the left wall there's a wooden staircase leading upwards to a door.

CYRUS: Good, you're awake.

Buttercup looks in front of her, and sees Cyrus and Vincent looking at them with sadistic smiles on their faces.

BUTTERCUP: Hmm...wha?

VINCENT: Don't start cryin' just yet. Your body hasn't completely recovered from our focused Anti-X laser yet. Give it a few more seconds. But don't try breaking the chains, the Anti-X laser is a concentrated form of the radiation we used last time. The radiation is specially suited to disabling the toxins that are inherent in Chemical X. It works as a sort of chemo-therapy for you. And like it, the radiation of Anti-X weakens you severely with a large dose. Such as the one you received in the bank. It'll be at least two days before you even begin to feel any semblance of your power returning.

CYRUS: And don't bother crying out for help, either, this place is completely soundproof.

BUTTERCUP: Where...are...?

CYRUS: Where are you? You're in my humble abode. It is where we have prepared for you to experience the most painful moments you will ever suffer through.

VINCENT: You'll feel all the pain we felt because of you.

BUTTERCUP (finally recovering): All this because of a stupid science fair?

VINCENT: We know your reputation as a philistine of science so we'll ignore that little comment. But, for the record, it wasn't just because you cost us the science fair.

BUBBLES: What else is there?

CYRUS (remembering): Three months ago, we had created the best device the science fair had ever seen. Our Automatic Stalwart Weather Resistant Barrier Applicator and Enhancer would have revolutionized construction! We could have been famous, made a fortune, contribute to science in a way that has not been seen since Einstein! But, the night just before the science fair, we ran into you. You were chasing a criminal who had stolen a diamond. We were carrying our Automatic Stalwart Weather Resistant Barrier Applicator and Enhancer to the fairgrounds to set it up for tomorrow.

VINCENT: But during your chase, you crashed right into us. You didn't even seem to notice we were there. You flew by as if nobody was there. We realized that you had completely demolished our Automatic Stalwart Weather Resistant Barrier Applicator and Enhancer beyond repair! But we had to finish it for the fair or lose our chance at fame.

CYRUS: We worked all through the night. We tried everything we could think of to repair it. But to no avail. By morning, we were exhausted beyond belief. And, the Automatic Stalwart Weather Resistant Barrier Applicator and Enhancer was nowhere near ready. We were left without something to present at the science fair. We became the laughing stocks of the high school science community that day.

VINCENT: And that's not all!

BUTTERCUP: Oh, this oughta be good.

VINCENT: We had been excited that night for another reason. That day was the season finale of our favorite show, Gas Ball Journeys. It was to be one of the best episodes ever seen. And episode that was so controversial, it would only be on television one time! Do you know what episode that was?

BUBBLES: Episode two-hundred fifty-eight?

CYRUS: Absolutely correct. You have a good head on your shoulders.

BUTTERCUP: Okay, that explains the reason for all this, and the 258 bucks that you kept stealing. But why the Bank of Townsville? And how did you know so much about our powers?

CYRUS: You don't know? That's where your beloved Professor Utonium keeps his money. Every time we stole from a Bank of Townsville we were, in essence, stealing from him which, in essence, is stealing from you. As for how we learned about your powers, your Professor should never have gotten a cable modem. The moment he turns on his computer he's online, and vulnerable to hackers like us.

VINCENT: With all the data we retrieved from his computer, devising the proper counter-strategies was a snap. The Reciprocating Temperature Shields for your sister's fire and ice breath. The Kinetic barriers for your attacks. The Light Drainers for your various lasers. And, if it became absolutely necessary, the Anti-X radiation. Every device on our suits was designed solely for your humiliation. We even slowed down your reaction time by crossing the lines of yours and the Mayor's Powerpuff phones. Making you look even worse.

CYRUS: Though I have to admit you were beginning to get pretty clever in getting by our inventions. That's the main reason we stepped up our plans and decided to proceed with the final stages now instead of a week from now.

BUBBLES: What're you gonna do with us?

VINCENT: A little ploy on the old saying "hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil".

Vincent takes out three devices from a drawer by the computer. They look like souped up versions of a headset, a pair of goggles, and a band-aid. He lifts Bubbles' head and applies the bandage to her neck. He places the headset on Buttercup's head.

CYRUS (as Vincent places the devices): The patch is a Vocal Vibration Strip. It'll vibrate your vocal cords every time you open your mouth causing your saliva to be constantly thrown up from your throat. Resulting in what is, in layman's terms, gargling.

Bubbles opens her mouth to protest and only succeeds in spitting out bubbles with a gargling noise. She quickly closes her mouth. Opens and closes a few more times to experiment. She realizes that Cyrus is telling the truth. Vincent produces another device and places it on a stool by her stomach. The device is a box with two hands protruding from it. The hands begin to tickle Bubbles, causing her to laugh/gargle.

CYRUS: As for you, Buttercup, your device is actually your basic headphone and stereo set combined into one. But for you, we've chosen a specific song for you to listen to. A certain tune from the score of the H.M.S. Pinafore.

BUTTERCUP (suddenly panicked): No! You can't possibly mean...


CYRUS: Oh, Little Buttercup!

The Tech Boys suddenly begin laughing maniacally.

BUTTERCUP: No! I hate that song! You ani...

Buttercup and the Tech Boys are suddenly stopped in mid-sentence by a buzzing sound coming from the far wall. Buttercup and Bubbles see an intercom on that wall.

VOICE FROM INTERCOM: Cyrus, sweetie, it's momma. I'm getting ready to do a load of whites and I was wondering if you wanted me to wash your lucky Gas Ball Journey underpants.

CYRUS (shocked/embarrassed): MOM! Could this wait, I'm trying to be an evil and maniacal genius here!

CYRUS' MOTHER: Oh, you and your silly Labrynths & Lizards games. Just bring up any laundry you have.

CYRUS: Oh, all right.

Cyrus gets a hamper from a closet and carries it upstairs.

CYRUS (to Vincent): Don't do anything 'till I get back!

VINCENT (trying to contain laughter): Okay...(snort)ha ha ha ha ha (snort)

CYRUS: Shut up! At least my mother doesn't pick out my clothes for me!

Vincent stops laughing and glares at Cyrus as he leaves with the hamper.

BUTTERCUP (thinking as she watches): Ah, geez! These guys are total geeks! And they've come closer to beating us than most of our other enemies. I am never living this down!

Cyrus soon returns with an empty hamper. He puts it back in the closet and turns towards the two captured Girls.

CYRUS: Get ready, little Buttercup.

He flips a switch and Buttercup suddenly starts screaming as the song Oh, Little Buttercup begins playing in her ears. She can't do anything to stop it.


A fingerless hand rings the doorbell. A blonde woman in her mid-thirties dressed as the typical American housewife answers the door. She see Blossom, who is standing on the doorstep. Behind Blossom is a large group of people, but the dark night makes them hard to make out.

WOMAN: Hello, can I help you?

BLOSSOM: Mrs. Louis?


BLOSSOM: We need to speak to your son, Cyrus, and his friend.

MRS. LOUIS: All right...what is this regarding?

BLOSSOM: Um...I'm your son' instructor.

MRS. LOUIS: Aren't you a bit small to be a driving instructor?

BLOSSOM: I'm a member of the Young Drivers of America. I'm teaching a volunteer class and your son and his friend are part of it.

MRS. LOUIS: Oh, okay. Come on in.

BLOSSOM: Thank you very much, ma'am. (to the group with her) Come on, guys.

Blossom and her entourage enter the Louis household.


The Tech Boys are enjoying the torture they are dispensing on Buttercup and Bubbles. But their enjoyment is cut short by the intercom buzzing.

MRS. LOUIS: Cyrus, sweetie, it's momma. You have visitors. One of them says she's your driving instructor.

CYRUS (irritated): She? Mom! My driving instructor is that Scottish guy, remember?


The door to the basement opens suddenly to reveal Blossom with her group behind her. They still are not totally visible though they appear to have large muscles. Buttercup and Bubbles, enduring the Tech Boys' devices, have their eyes closed and don't see their sister. Though Bubbles opens her eyes when she hears Blossom speak up, though she cannot stop laughing out bubbles.

BLOSSOM: Oops is right! When I saw that none of you were at the bank, it wasn't difficult to figure out what happened. (sees her sisters) Buttercup! Bubbles!

CYRUS: Prepare to join them!

Cyrus grabs a glove with a bead in the center of the palm and holds it towards Blossom.

BLOSSOM: Let me guess, a device to disable my powers for an even longer period than last time?

Cyrus is surprised.

BLOSSOM: I figured you'd try something like that. So I came with help just in case you did disable me.

VINCENT: Do your worst, we can handle every villain in Townsville if we wanted to!

BLOSSOM: But can you handle this?

Blossom reaches into the neck of her blouse and pulls out a whistle tied to a string. Blossom lets out a large blow on the whistle and the people with Blossom suddenly spring into action. They line up in front of Cyrus and Vincent. They are TOWNSVILLE HIGH SCHOOL'S VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM. Before the Tech Boys can react, the football team snaps into action and begin pummeling the Tech Boys without mercy. While they're busy Blossom goes to her sisters and releases them from their confinement. She helps Buttercup and Bubbles, still without their powers, to the floor. Bubbles takes off her patch and Buttercup rips off her headphones. All three Girls begin watching, and enjoying, as the football team gives the Tech Boys the beating of their lives.


Several police cars and medics are in front of Cyrus' home as is Professor Utonium's station wagon. At the station wagon, Professor Utonium is examining Buttercup and Bubbles, making sure that they have not been hurt by the Tech Boys. The football team congratulates themselves on a job well done. Blossom collects the Tech Boys' equipment and helps police load it into vans. Cyrus and Vincent's parents are being told by police exactly what their sons have been doing. The Tech Boys themselves are on stretchers being loaded into ambulances to be taken to the hospital.


CYRUS (clearly in pain): Ohhhhhhh...

VINCENT (wrapped in bandages): Last time I follow one of your ideas! (waves his arm angrily) Ow ow ow ow ow!

CYRUS: Oh shut up!


MR. LOUIS: I can't believe our kids would do something like this.

MRS. GILBERT: We're gonna take away their computer privileges until their children are old and gray.

MR. GILBERT: Maybe even more.

MRS. LOUIS: It's a good thing his driving instructor realized what was happening.

Everyone just looks at Mrs. Louis.


BLOSSOM (putting the headset, visor, and patch into the truck): That should be the last of it, officer.

POLICE OFFICER: Thanks Blossom. Hey, what was that visor for?

BLOSSOM: I think it was the torture they had in mind for me. I wonder what it was...

Unable to hold back her curiosity, Blossom puts on the visor and turns the on switch. She watches what the visor shows her for a couple of minutes before she rips off the visor, throws it to the ground, and stomps it to pieces.

BLOSSOM (frantically stomping the visor): Lock 'em up an' throw away the key!! They're monsters!

POLICE OFFICER: What was it?

BLOSSOM (calming down): The visor was showing old episodes of Blossom!


BLOSSOM: Sorry...about the evidence...

POLICE OFFICER: Can't say I blame ya. We still have the headset and patch.

She takes a few breaths, calms down, and then floats to join Professor Utonium.


UTONIUM (to Buttercup and Bubbles): You don't seem to be hurt physically. But that beam of theirs was pretty strong, you'll probably be out of commission for a day or two.

BUTTERCUP: Those geeks said about two. Though after this, I wouldn't mind a week off.

BUBBLES: Yeah. (to Blossom who has arrived) Thanks Blossom, we really owe you.

BUTTERCUP: Yeah, I shoulda figured out it'd take a nerd to beat a nerd.

UTONIUM (warning): Buttercup...

BUTTERCUP: I'm kidding...thanks Blossom.

BLOSSOM: You'd've done the same for me. (to the police officer she spoke to earlier) What's going to happen to them, officer?

POLICE OFFICER: The Tech Boys? Considerin' their crimes, and the fact that they're minors, they'll probably end up with probation, and house arrest.

BUTTERCUP: House arrest! All this and all they're gonna get is grounded! They put us through...

BUBBLES (covering Buttercup's mouth): H-e-double hockey sticks!

POLICE OFFICER: Don’t worry, they'll get what's comin' to 'em. Think about it. If you went around robbin' banks and beatin' up superheroes, which would you rather answer to? Your father or the entire Townsville Police force?

BLOSSOM/BUBBLES/BUTTERCUP (without hesitation): The Police! (realizing what the officer's saying) Oooooohhhhhh.

POLICE OFFICER: Now you get it. Their parents' punishment will be hundreds of times worse than anything we can do.

UTONIUM: I don't think they'll bug you again for a long, long time.


BUTTERCUP: Hey, Blossom, how'd you know where to find us?

BLOSSOM (explaining to her sisters): I realized that there was a possibility that the Tech Boys might manage to disable me just as they have you. So I felt I should get a little help.

Before either of her sisters can open their mouth to ask a question, Blossom continues.

BLOSSOM: Now you're probably wondering why did I choose these guys to help. On the way to the bank I suddenly got an inspiration. Who better to deal with a couple of nerds, than a bunch of jocks? I told them about our situation and they were glad to help. I knew that if I could catch the Tech Boys off guard then the team could pummel them.

BUBBLES: Neat. But how'd you know to come here?

BLOSSOM: By the time I had gotten the team together, you had already been captured. I knew the only way I could get to you was to find out where they lived. In our previous encounters the skinny Tech Boy, Cyrus, appeared to be the leader. Because of that, it seemed like the obvious decision to take you to his home. So I went to the Mayor's office and Ms. Bellum was able to provide Cyrus Louis' address to me.

POLICE OFFICER: That there's some mighty fine detective work, Blossom.

BLOSSOM (basking in the praise): Why thank you. It was nothing really.

Buttercup and Bubbles roll their eyes at their sister.

The football team's QUARTERBACK approaches the Girls.

QUARTERBACK: That was pretty fun. If you ever need our help again, let us know.

Let's head home, guys.

BLOSSOM: You got it!

The football players leave.

GIRLS (as they go): Thanks.

A news van drives up and out comes Connie D'Sendin and her cameraman. The Girls simply watch, an irritated look on their faces, as D'Sendin gets ready for her report.

D'SENDIN: Darn those Tech Boys. My popularity was soaring because of them. A few more robberies and my ratings would have gone through the roof.

CAMERAMAN: We're on!

D'SENDIN: But then they had to go and do something stupid like get caught. At this rate I'll never make anchorwoman. (realizes she's broadcasting) Oh! Um...this is Connie D'Sendin reporting live from the home of Cyrus Louis, one of the infamous Tech Boys. The other one has been identified as another boy of this neighborhood, Vincent Gilbert. With the co-operation of Townsville High's varsity football team, Blossom Utonium manged to defeat the Tech Boys and save her sisters, who had been kidnapped earlier in the day.


D'SENDIN: So once again, as always, the day has been saved by...yeah, you guessed it...


D'SENDIN: The Powerpuff Girls.


D'SENDIN: Let's go. Maybe the Gang Green Gang is committing some vandalism we can cover.

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