Summary (shortened version)Edit

Master Hooterly Owlington revives Bunny with the promise of looking normal and fitting in... well at least as much she can. He convinces her that her sisters will see her for what she truly is... beautiful. He assists Bunny in casting a spell to contact the girls in Townsville from London. 


Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup travel to London, England, for the first time. And they meet a familiar face: Bunny. Bunny rejoins her sisters and fights crime, once more.


Hooterly Owlington: Bunny, before you exploded your sisters didn't care about you. They wanted you gone. But when you saved them, however, they realized that you did indeed mean well. The only way they'll see you for what you're worth is if you reunite with them again.

Bunny: But I don't know if I can. I don't even know where they are.

Hooterly Owlington: You must learn to trust both the girls that didn't want you around, at first, and the person that brought you back to life. Now, let me help you contact your sisters, in Townsville.

Bunny: Alright, I'm ready. What must I do, Master Owlington?

Major EventsEdit

  • Bunny is revived.
  • Bunny obtains magical powers and a British accent.
  • Bunny again joins the Powerpuffs. 

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