Season 11 is the season of awesomeness.

Pro. Code Episode______________ Summary
1A/129 The Begining New Start! When PPG returns now they saw what's happening.
1B/130 Buttercup gets a chance Buttercup get's a chance when ever she gets it when she is good at luck machine.
2/131 The lost trip to future When they used time machine they go future into: 9999 and They go "FUTUREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" Loudly.
3/132 The Rowdyruffs and Goods ones when RRB wants to be friends with the GRRB they wanted to and tells PPG that they were friends.
4/133 Powerpuff Rival!! Good vs Evil!!
5/134 Day off to U.K. When the PPG and RRB want's to goto the United Kingdom
6/135 Going back to the U.S.A. ( This Episode is Paired on the Last episode. ) Well anyways, They pack up their stuff to go back in time!
7A/136 Bunny's New friend Bunny has a new friend called: Karen who is 5 year-old girl who likes to play with her friends.
7B/137 HER Returns HIM's Sister when HER wants to see GRRB to get killed for tormorrow but the event didn't happened, when the PPG wants to attack HER.
8A/138 The "Prince Morgan"
8B/139 The Prince who wants everything
9A/140 Bubbles The 1st challenge! They do the challenge.
9B/141 Blossom The 2nd challenge! Same.
10A/142 Buttercup The 3rd challenge! Same.
10B/143 Bunny The 4th challenge! Same.
11/144 Meet the Brock ( Bunny's Brother who wants to help too. )

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