New 12 episodes of PPG!

Episode Name Desc Of Episode
Blossom's Death: Part 1 A Random Person stabs blossom until she dies. Causing A 12-Years Boy Named Igor Who claims to be the Kalos Champion to help.
Blossom's Death: Part 2

Igor Seems to find who stabbed blossom, it's... Mojo Jojo.

Puffbound in this crossover of PPG and earthbound. some things go wrong and porky minch and mojo jojo plans to take over the world. it's up to PPG and ness to save the world.
The Mane Six meet PPG

this episode was created under a request of a brony.

The Mane six meet the powerpuff girls and igor thinks that rainbow dash is buttercup's pony counterpart.

Death of the Powerpuff Girls: An Epic crossover.

This crossover with sonic, mario, MLP, and some others.  Click Here to Read.
The Legend of the Arachnight Two familiar faces pop back up in Townsville after a number of years; Peter Parker and Spider-Man! However, they soon have to contend with the return of Professor Utonium's alter-ego; the Lizard!
The Clone Saga, Part 1 Strange things are happening in Townsville. A mass murderer is on the scene and only Spider-Man and the Powerpuff Girls can stop him. However, what happens when that very killer turns out to be none other than... Peter Parker?!
The Clone Saga, Part 2 After finally apprehending Kaine, Spider-Man and the Girls take him to the Professor in order to run some tests, which confirm that Kaine is indeed a genetic replica of Peter Parker. The only remaining question is... who is responsible for this clone conspiracy?
The Clone Saga, Part 3
The Clone Saga, Part 4

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