Season 9 is Brand new episodes! and inculding the episodes! Flim Movie they enjoying watching it, Girls! charge! They have new power: Charge!(PPG And RRB or Other Characters Fly.) Stop It! Stop It! Girls! Monster Are Attacking! and the other episodes

Episode ListEdit

# Title Summary
104 Flim Movie

The Powerpuff Girls enjoying watching Movies Because Professor said to sit.

105 Girls! Charge! Powerpuff Girls haves a new power. And they can use blast: Blossom= 3 Laser Medium-Power, Bubbles= 3 Laser Small-Power and Buttercup= 1 Laser Big-Power.
106 Stop It! Powerpuff girls felt happy enough to use Charge Power. Then the Monster came to see the 3 PPGS.
107 Monkey See, Doggie Three Powerpuff Gets Anger From the Mojo jojo and the Powerpuff Girls Turned to the Left, saw Mojo jojo.(In flashback episodes: First Being Monkey See, Doggie Do and Second Being  Monkey See, Doggie Two.)
108 Attack of puppybots Powerpuff Girls tried to stop from Mojo jojo and puppy turns to Mojo jojo's Robots.
109 Who's Demon?

Powerpuff Girls tried to explain who is Demon's Name. Bubbles said "IT'S HIM!".

110 Rowdyruff Boys New vs Rowdyruff Boys Old Rowdyruff Boys(New) tried to stop the (Old) Rowdyruff Boys.
111 Angry Mayor Mayor Felt Anger to stop Mojo jojo. And powerpuff tried to watch.
112 Bubbles Happiness Bubbles Felt Happiness to eat sweats at thrice(three). So Bubbles Beats Up Fuzzy Lumpkins.Did Bubbles Give Up? So thanks to the Powerpuff Girls...
113 Don't Touch The Mirror! Here Comes Powerpunk Returns to the townsville and Powerpuff saw the mirror rivals.
114A Fire Breath! Blossom Returns A Fire Breath.
114B Not So Awesome Buttercup Buttercup Ruined it all By herself, she worked the day once for Hot Dog On A Skewer
115A Messed Up Hair! Blossom's Hair is Messed up again (The Mane Event).
115B Powerpuff Girls Team Powerpuff Girls Made A team of the Powers.

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